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Michael Blackson

Michael Blackson Says Jaguars Are In Toilet Bowl, 'Duval, Get Your Team Together!'

Michael Blackson
Forget Super Bowl ... Jaguars Are In The Toilet Bowl!

Michael Blackson is so disappointed in Jacksonville after yet another blowout loss Thursday ... he's tellin' TMZ Sports the Jags belong closer to the toilet bowl than the Super Bowl!!! We got the… READ MORE >

Michael Blackson Defends Kevin Hart, Blames Academy for Not Doing its Homework

Michael Blackson
Academy Knew Kevin Hart's Past ... BS If They Didn't Check!!

Michael Blackson's got a few interesting points about the fallout from Kevin Hart being chosen to host the Oscars, but he's certain, no matter what ... Kevin's gonna be just fine. We got the… READ MORE >

- 8 days ago
Michael Blackson Says Kim Kardashian Should Thank Ray J, Ecstasy for Becoming Famous

Michael Blackson to Kim K
Don't Blame Ecstasy, Thank Ray J And His Famous Genitals!!!

Michael Blackson thinks Kim Kardashian should quit blaming ecstasy and spend way more time sucking up to Ray J for his sizable role in launching her celebrity.  We got the… READ MORE >

- 17 days ago
Floyd Mayweather Backs Out of Japan Fight with Tenshin Nasukawa

Floyd Mayweather
Backs Out of Japan Fight ... 'Never Agreed to Official Bout'

12:24 PM PT -- Floyd had already made up his mind to back out of the fight by Tuesday night -- because he was telling people at an L.A. nightclub that it was off.  In fact, Floyd's friend… READ MORE >

- 38 days ago
Michael Blackson to Odell Beckham, 'F**k Charity, Gimme That Money!'

Michael Blackson
Hey, Odell Beckham 'F**k Charity, Gimme That Money!'

Forget helping kids in poor countries ... Michael Blackson says Odell Beckham needs to spend that new NFL jack on something even more important -- "I'll be your personal comedian!"  Blackson… READ MORE >

- 108 days ago
Michael Blackson Says Slavery Was No More a Choice Than Kim's Paris Robbery

Michael Blackson
If Slavery Was A Choice Then Kim's Paris Robbery Was Too!

Comedian Michael Blackson says he's seen firsthand how slavery wasn't a choice after visiting the Slave Castles in his native Ghana, but he's still willing to give Kanye a pass for his… READ MORE >

- 226 days ago
Michael Blackson: Broner & Wilder Are Training Me to Kick Kevin Hart's Ass

Michael Blackson
Broner & Wilder Are Training Me ... to Kick Kevin Hart's Ass!

Comedian Michael Blackson seriously wants to beat the crap outta Kevin Hart -- telling TMZ Sports he's bringing in 2 of the best boxers in the world so he can get the job done!! Just last month,… READ MORE >

- 286 days ago
Michael Blackson Wants to Fight Kevin Hart to Settle Beef

Michael Blackson
Wants to Fight Kevin Hart ... to Settle Beef

Comedian Michael Blackson went after his former pal and current enemy Kevin Hart in a big way Friday night, saying Kevin doesn't write his own material and he could whoop his ass in a fight. We… READ MORE >

- 294 days ago
Comedian Michael Blackson Escalates Beef with Kevin Hart During His Stand-Up

Comedian Michael Blackson
Heightens Beef with Kevin Hart With More Short Jokes

Michael Blackson's taking his feud with Kevin Hart to another level ... by doubling down on jokes about Kevin's height and how he cheated on his pregnant wife. The comedian skewered Hart during a… READ MORE >

- 336 days ago
Tyrese Is Still Acting Like Michael Blackson Is His Hostage

Tyrese & Michael Blackson
Yup, Still Beating This Dead Horse ...

Tyrese is keeping his acting chops sharp for "Fast & Furious 9" -- if it ever shoots -- by continuing to play the role of hostage taker ... even though the jig is fully up. We got Tyrese… READ MORE >

- 389 days ago
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