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Nelly went to Spain with his father, Air Force Man Cornall Haynes Sr., until he was 3 years old, then moved to St. Louis. Nelly's folks struggled financially and split up when he was 7. As the youngest child in the neighborhood he grew up getting into trouble with the big kids. As a result he ended up moving around to live with various family members. He dreamed of playing pro baseball. In high school he formed a group called the St. Lunatics. The group consisted of him and some of his friends (Kyjuan, Murphy Lee, Slo Down, City Spud, and Ali) from high school. Nelly began listening to artists like Rakim, LL Cool J, Run-DMC, OutKast, Goodie Mob, and Jay-Z. He became convinced that his gift for rap could be parlayed into a career. He has his own style of rap which he likes to describe as a jazz form of hip-hop. The first song that Nelly and the St. Lunatics made was Gimmie What You Got. The song "Gimmie What You Got" sold 7,000 units regionally and dominated airwaves, rising to the number one spot on St. Louis' number one hip-hop station. After that song the St. Lunatics encouraged Nelly to go solo and he did. He signed a record deal with Universal Records.  See full bio on IMDb »

Nelly -- Get to Stompin' in My ... Air Jordan 3s! (VIDEO)

Get to Stompin' in My... Air Jordan 3s!

Nelly is already a certified sneakerhead -- courtesy of his song "Air Force Ones" -- but he solidified his position in the shoe lovers hall of fame when he told us about his all-time FAVORITE… READ MORE >

Nelly Arrest -- I Let Shady Characters On My Bus ... Now I'm Going to Be Like TSA

Nelly Arrest
I Let Shady Peeps On My Bus ... Now I Gotta Be Like TSA

Nelly's calling out some of the random people on his tour bus ... for getting him busted for drugs this weekend -- so now he's hand-picking who gets all access passes on his ride. Nelly tells TMZ… READ MORE >

- 860 days ago
Nelly -- Not My Meth ... Challenges Drug Arrest

Not My Meth Challenges Drug Arrest

Nelly's lawyer is already mounting a defense in his meth arrest Saturday, claiming the drugs found weren't his. Nelly was arrested on his tour bus in Tennessee after it was pulled over for not… READ MORE >

- 861 days ago
Nelly -- Busted for Pot & Meth ... Cops Say Guns Also On Tour Bus

Busted for Pot & Meth Cops Say Guns Also On Tour Bus

Nelly's tour bus got nailed by cops in Tennessee for a bunch of alleged offenses -- and the rapper  himself got hauled off to jail for felony possession of drugs ... including meth. A state… READ MORE >

- 862 days ago
Nelly -- I Don't Hate Floyd Mayweather ... Even If My GF Does


His GF claims Floyd Mayweather pulled a gun on her ... and repeatedly beat her up ... but Nelly says HE'S not going to bury the hatchet with the boxer because "I ain't got no hatchet to… READ MORE >

- 1018 days ago
Nelly -- Huge Stars Hit 40th Bday Party ... Including Championship Boxer

Huge Stars Hit 40th Bday Party Including Championship Boxer

Nelly turned 40 this weekend ... and some HUGE stars came out to his L.A. mansion to celebrate -- including big-time actors, producers and a major boxing champ.Former "Scandal" star Columbus Short… READ MORE >

- 1021 days ago
Nelly -- Jumps On Royals Bandwagon ... After Cardinals Blew It

Jumps On Royals Bandwagon ... After Cardinals Blew It

Forget that regional rivalry garbage, Nelly says it's OK for Cardinals fans to root for the Royals in the World Series ... with the St. Louis native telling TMZ Sports it's all about supporting… READ MORE >

- 1035 days ago
50 Cent to Mayweather -- DON'T HATE ME ... Hate Nelly!

50 Cent to Mayweather:
DON'T HATE ME ... Hate Nelly!

50 Cent has a message for Floyd Mayweather -- YOU SHOULD HATE NELLY'S GUTS ... claiming the rapper banged TWO of Floyd's chicks. 50 just posted a video online -- saying he heard that Floyd… READ MORE >

- 1095 days ago
Kelly Slater -- Surfing With 'Hands Up'... to Honor Mike Brown

Kelly Slater
Surfing With "Hands Up" ... In Mike Brown Tribute

Surf legend Kelly Slater is choosing sides on the situation in Ferguson, MO -- riding a massive wave with his "hands up" as a tribute to Mike Brown -- the man who was shot to death on August… READ MORE >

- 1097 days ago
Nelly -- Rioters In Hometown Need To Wise Up ... And Stop The Violence

Hometown Rioters Need To Wise Up Stop The Violence

Nelly has a message for protesters in his hometown ... cut the crap!The King of St. Louis finally talked publicly about the shooting death of Michael Brown ... saying the people of… READ MORE >

- 1101 days ago
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