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Nelly went to Spain with his father, Air Force Man Cornall Haynes Sr., until he was 3 years old, then moved to St. Louis. Nelly's folks struggled financially and split up when he was 7. As the youngest child in the neighborhood he grew up getting into trouble with the big kids. As a result he ended up moving around to live with various family members. He dreamed of playing pro baseball. In high school he formed a group called the St. Lunatics. The group consisted of him and some of his friends (Kyjuan, Murphy Lee, Slo Down, City Spud, and Ali) from high school. Nelly began listening to artists like Rakim, LL Cool J, Run-DMC, OutKast, Goodie Mob, and Jay-Z. He became convinced that his gift for rap could be parlayed into a career. He has his own style of rap which he likes to describe as a jazz form of hip-hop. The first song that Nelly and the St. Lunatics made was Gimmie What You Got. The song "Gimmie What You Got" sold 7,000 units regionally and dominated airwaves, rising to the number one spot on St. Louis' number one hip-hop station. After that song the St. Lunatics encouraged Nelly to go solo and he did. He signed a record deal with Universal Records.

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Nelly Rape Case Still Open As Far as Cops Are Concerned

Rape Case Still Open for Cops After Accuser Backs Down

Nelly's rape accuser refusing to testify doesn't change a thing for cops who are powering through with the investigation ... TMZ has learned. Law enforcement sources in Washington State tell us… READ MORE >

T.I. to Nelly: 'Put That Bulls*** Behind You!!!'

T.I. to Nelly
'Put That Bulls*** Behind You!!!'

Nelly is a king who should focus on being great again -- that's his pal, T.I.'s advice on the heels of Nelly's rape accuser refusing to testify. Nelly performed in South Florida this… READ MORE >

- 222 days ago
Nelly's Rape Accuser Says She Will NOT Testify, Wants to Drop the Case (UPDATE)

Rape Accuser Says She Will NOT Testify

4:20 PM PT -- Nelly's attorney Scott Rosenblum tells us ...the accuser's "reckless accusation, once investigated thoroughly, was exposed for what it was-a fabrication. A fabrication that has… READ MORE >

- 225 days ago
Nelly's Girlfriend, Shantel Jackson Sticking by Him Amid Rape Allegation

GF Sticking by Him After Rape Allegation

Nelly's girlfriend is giving clear signs -- Zodiac signs -- she's sticking by her man during his rape case. Shantel Jackson, Floyd Mayweather's ex, who's been with Nelly since at least 2014… READ MORE >

- 228 days ago
Nelly's Alleged Rape Victim Claims He's Intimidating Her (UPDATE)

Nelly Rape Case
Accuser Alerts D.A. ... He's Trying to Intimidate Me!!!

5:40 AM PT -- Nelly's attorney, Scott Rosenblum, fired back at Koehler, "I would suggest rereading the [intimidating a witness] statute. I would further suggest talking to some of the unbiased… READ MORE >

- 228 days ago
Ashanti Takes 'Say Less' Stand on Ex-BF Nelly's Rape Case

Ex-GF Ashanti Saying 'Less' About His Rape Arrest

Ashanti's reaction to her ex-boyfriend Nelly's arrest was short, to the point ... and more than a little self-serving. We got the singer at LAX where our photog made a valiant effort to get… READ MORE >

- 228 days ago
Nelly's Accuser Claims Rape Without Condom, His Lawyer Says He Has Proof She's a Liar

Accuser Claims Rape without Condom His Lawyer Says He Has Proof She's a Liar

The woman who claims Nelly raped her says she had been partying with him before he forced her to have sex without a condom, but Nelly's lawyer says he will expose her for what she is ... a liar.… READ MORE >

- 230 days ago
Akon Backs Nelly, Says He's Innocent and Girls May Target Him for a Quick Payday

Has Nelly's Back Guys Like Us are Targets!!

Akon firmly believes there's no way Nelly raped anyone, and his theory on what led to his friend's arrest echoes what Nelly claims himself. We got the singer at LAX Saturday, and our guy… READ MORE >

- 230 days ago
Nelly Says He's Innocent of Rape, Will Not Perform Tonight

'I am Completely Innocent' ... Cancels Gig

Nelly has broken his silence on the rape claim against him, saying he's completely innocent and is a victim of targeting ... but he will not take the stage Saturday night. The rapper says he's… READ MORE >

- 231 days ago
Jordin Sparks Shocked by News Nelly was Arrested for Rape

Jordin Sparks
Stunned by the Nelly News

Jordin Sparks is completely taken aback by the rape allegations against Nelly, and so's the guy next to her at baggage claim ... maybe even more so. We got the singer at LAX and broke… READ MORE >

- 231 days ago
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