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Paul McCartney

The Lennon–McCartney (also written Lennon/McCartney) is a songwriting partnership between John Lennon and Paul McCartney of The Beatles. It is one of the best-known and most successful musical collaborations in history. Between 1962 and 1969, the partnership published approximately 180 jointly credited songs, of which the vast majority were recorded by The Beatles and form the bulk of their catalogue. Unlike many songwriting partnerships that comprise separate lyricist and composer, both Lennon and McCartney wrote words and music. Sometimes, especially early on, they would collaborate extensively when writing songs, working "eyeball to eyeball". Later, it became more common for one of the two credited authors to write all or most of a song with limited input from the other. However, by an agreement made before The Beatles became famous, Lennon and McCartney agreed to share equal writing credit on songs that either one of them wrote while their partnership lasted. Lennon–McCartney compositions have been the subject of numerous cover versions. According to Guinness World Records, "Yesterday" has been recorded by more artists than any other song. Lennon–McCartney was officially

Paul McCartney's Ring -- The Great Diamond Debate

Paul McCartney's Ring
The Great Diamond Debate

The ridiculous $650k engagement rock Paul McCartney gave Nancy Shevell raises a good question -- why drop a fortune on a piece of jewelry?? Incredibly, one TMZ staffer actually has a reasonable… READ MORE >

Paul McCartney is ENGAGED ... Again!

Paul McCartney is ENGAGED ... Again!

It's 2011 ... and one of the Beatles is getting married!!! Sir Paul McCartney is officially engaged to girlfriend Nancy Shevell.According to -- the 68-year-old former Beatle popped the… READ MORE >

- 1738 days ago
Heather Mills -- Bad 'Apprentice'! Bad!

Heather Mills
Bad 'Apprentice'! Bad!

Heather Mills' ex-rep claims the former model tried to rig "The Apprentice" and bad mouthed Paul McCartney -- but we've got the perfect musical response to Heather. You're welcome, Paul. Check out… READ MORE >

- 1803 days ago
Heather Mills' Ex-Rep: She Lied About Abuse from Paul

Heather Mills' Ex-Rep: She Lied About Abuse from Paul

Heather Mills' ex-publicist has filed a  lawsuit against the former model, claiming Heather is a liar and a cheater who tried to fix the ending of "Celebrity Apprentice."In the suit,… READ MORE >

- 1804 days ago
Paul McCartney Channels His Inner Little Monster

Paul McCartney Channels His Inner Little Monster

Paul McCartney didn't exactly put his paws up and growl like a tiger -- but he still got his groove on at last night's Lady Gaga show at Madison Square Garden.Even a Beatle likes to go Gaga every… READ MORE >

- 1810 days ago
Paul McCartney -- Little Dead Corvette

Paul McCartney -- Little Dead Corvette

Paul McCartney needed a little help from his friends ... particularly the ones with jumper cables -- after his car engine died during a hiking trip in Santa Monica this weekend. Paul and his GF… READ MORE >

- 2211 days ago
Paul McCartney Goes Topless

Paul McCartney Goes Topless

Sportin' his Susan Boyle weave, music legend Paul McCartney showed off his Beatle physique in a skimpy one-piece swimsuit in Barbados this weekend.The 67-year-old soaked his bones in the sun with… READ MORE >

- 2217 days ago
Susan Boyle -- Beatle?

Susan Boyle -- Beatle?

Here's Scottish Internet sensation turned pop star Susan Boyle in Scotland last week (left) -- and British music legend Paul McCartney at a London concert last week (right).One of them is a… READ MORE >

- 2231 days ago
Awesome Triple at Yankee Stadium

Awesome Triple
At Yankee Stadium

Jack Nicholson, Lorne Michaels and Paul McCartney rolled out to catch the Yankee game together last night. Wonder who paid for the peanuts? At least two of them probably make more than Jeter, but… READ MORE >

- 2355 days ago
Paul McCartney -- Abbey Robe

Paul McCartney -- Abbey Robe

After slaying the dodgy alta cocker crowd at The Joint in Vegas last night, Sir Paul McCartney left the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in a bath robe. You know they charge for those, right?! See… READ MORE >

- 2484 days ago

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