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Randy Quaid

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Randy Quaid is an Academy Award-nominated actor, for his performance in The Last Detail (1973). Hal Ashby directed Quaid in the role of Meadows opposite Jack Nicholson and Otis Young. Quaid is a great and much admired actor that has been recognized by Hollywood and the worlds finest directors, Midnight Exspress, The last Picture Show, Ice Harvest (2005), Real Time (2008), King Carlos in Goya's Ghosts (2006) for director Milos Forman. Forman cast Quaid as "King Carlos IV of Spain" after seeing his Golden globe nominated performance as The Colonel in Elvis. Quaid also starred in such main stream favorites as Kingpin (1996), Vacation (1983), Christmas Vacation (1989) and Independence day (1996). Quaid earned a Golden Globe for portraying Lyndon Johnson, and received a Golden Globe Nomination for incarnating "Colonel" Tom Parker in Elvis (2005). The portrait of Colonel Parker, a former carnival barker with a murky past, is dark. The New York Times said "Mr. Quaid is riveting as the bully of Graceland", when he has Elvis firmly under his thumb, he is the L.B.J. of rock 'n' roll - a towering, wheedling, tirelessly self-promoting Southern fox in the rare instances when Elvis defies him, Colonel Parker shrinks into a hand-wringing phony, cajoling his only client in the overly ornate language of Professor Marvel in "The Wizard of Oz". Quaid stars in and was nominated for The Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a cast for his work in Brokeback Mountain(2005), directed by Ang Lee from a script written by Larry McMurtry, who also wrote The Last Picture Show (1971) in which Quaid had his first feature film role. Working with McMurtry and supporting his material has become a Randy Quaid career tradition. Quaid's performance in Brokeback Mountain (2005) was listed as one of the New York Observer's 2005 Noteworthy male performances.In 2009 Randy Quaid Won the Vancouver Critics Award for Best Male performance in the Feature Film Real Time for the Role of Rubin an Australian Hit Man. Randy Quaid was born in Houston, Texas, to Juanita Bonniedale (Jordan), a real estate agent, and William Rudy Quaid, an electrician. He grew up in the Houston suburban city of Bellaire, along with his brother, actor Dennis Quaid. Quaid is married to American Film Director Evi Quaid.  See full bio on IMDb »

Randy Quaid to Judge: I Used to Be a Winner ...

Randy Quaid to Judge: I Used to Be a Winner ...

Randy Quaid called the most random witness EVER today in his ongoing legal war with an innkeeper -- his 1988 Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Miniseries or Television Film. It's absolutely unclear… READ MORE >

Quaids Show Up to Court, Plead Not Guilty

Quaids Show Up to Court, Plead Not Guilty

Recidivist hearing skippers Randy and Evi Quaid actually made it into a Santa Barbara courtroom today -- where they pleaded not guilty to felony chargers of defrauding an innkeeper.The duo, who… READ MORE >

- 3046 days ago
Quaids are Felony Fugitives

Quaids are
Felony Fugitives

Randy and Evi Quaid are wanted -- not in Hollywood, but by law enforcement in Santa Barbara. The judge in their criminal case issued an arrest warrant after they failed to show for the FIFTH time.… READ MORE >

- 3053 days ago
Quaids -- Another Day, Another Court No-Show

Quaids -- Another Day, Another Court No-Show

If you're counting, this makes for the fourth time Randy and Evi Quaid have failed to show up to court in Santa Barbara ... and this time, it's double their fault.The Quaids -- who have been… READ MORE >

- 3095 days ago
Randy and Evi Quaid Facing Extradition

Randy and Evi Quaid Facing Extradition

Randy and Evi Quaid could have appeared in court in Santa Barbara today to help settle their fraud case -- but they didn't, so now the Santa Barbara DA is going to have them extradited from Texas.… READ MORE >

- 3110 days ago
Randy Quaid's Wife Sued for Brush with the Law

Randy Quaid's Wife Sued for Brush with the Law

Randy Quaid's wife opened a can of paint -- now a police officer is opening a can of legal whoopass ... suing Evi for defamation after she plastered a giant sign on the side of a truck accusing… READ MORE >

- 3122 days ago
The Quaids -- All Paid Up

The Quaids --
All Paid Up

We've learned Randy and Evi Quaid are all square with the hotel they allegedly stiffed on a roughly $10,000 bill -- but that doesn't mean they're out of the woods quite yet.The San Ysidro Ranch --… READ MORE >

- 3127 days ago
The Quaids -- Their $10,000 Excuse

The Quaids --
Their $10,000 Excuse

Randy and Evi Quaid's lawyer just told the Santa Barbara County D.A. they will be front and center in court on October 19 for their arraignment on three felony counts. Their defense ... it was all… READ MORE >

- 3128 days ago
Evi Quaid -- Victim of Unfriendly Fire

Evi Quaid -- Victim of Unfriendly Fire

The enormous sign Evi Quaid made last week -- which accused her arresting officer of taking bribes -- somehow caught fire this weekend ... and lucky for everyone, the Quaids weren't around to… READ MORE >

- 3130 days ago
Randy Quaid -- Hussein in the Membrane

Randy Quaid -- Hussein in the Membrane

Here's Randy Quaid's mug shot after he was arrested for allegedly stiffing a swanky hotel (left) -- and former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein after he was captured by US forces (right).One of… READ MORE >

- 3133 days ago
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