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Shaquille O'Neal

At seven feet one inch tall, Shaquille O’Neal is larger than life. Many know him simply as “Shaq.” The basketball giant was born on March 6, 1972 in Newark, NJ to mother Lucille O’Neal. His biological father, Joseph Toney, abandoned him at birth. The two didn’t reunite until 2016. He considers stepfather, Sgt. Phillip Harrison, to be his dad. Harrison died Sept. 10, 2013. The baller takes education seriously. He is the only current or former NBA player to have a bachelors, masters, and doctorate. He played for Louisiana State University before getting drafted by the Orlando Magic as the first overall pick in 1992. He cast his spell on the team and won Rookie of the Year and took the team all the way to the NBA Finals in 1995. Shaq took home three rings as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers in 2000, 2001, and 2002. This hot commodity took his talents down to South Beach to join the Miami Heat in 2004. He added to his collection with one more NBA Championship title in 2006. Before retiring in 2011, Shaq played the final seasons of his pro career in Phoenix beginning in 2007. He also won gold at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, GA and was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2016. In March 2017, a bronze statue was erected of the former Lakers player outside Staples Center in Los Angeles. The retired superstar purchased a small percentage of the Sacramento Kings in 2013 and invests in tech companies. He is also proud of his involvement with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America as a national spokesperson. Sheriff Shaq may be in the future. He’s expressed intent to run in 2020, but has not announced what city. He already has some experience with a badge. He was sworn in as an honorary Clayton County sheriff’s deputy in December 2016 and he serves as a reserve officer in Doral, FL, Miami Beach, Tempe, Port of Los Angeles, and Golden Beach. Shaq married Shaunie Nelson on December 26, 2002 at the Beverly Hills Hotel, but the union ended in divorce. The former couple has four children together – Shareef, Amirah, Shaqir, and Me’Arah. He has another daughter, Taahirah, from a previous relationship with ex Arnetta Yardbourgh. He’s been in a longterm relationship with girlfriend Laticia Rolle. Shaq and fiancé Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander broke off their engagement in August 2012. He also allegedly had an affair with mistress Vanessa Lopez.

Kenny Smith Says Shaq's Not a Great Fighter ... 'But I Don't Wanna Fight Him' (VIDEO)

Kenny Smith
Shaq's Not a Great Fighter ... 'But I Don't Wanna Fight Him'

Maybe Charles Barkley is right ... 'cause Kenny Smith ALSO says Shaq's not a great fighter -- but he doesn't wanna test him.  We got the "Inside the NBA" star at LAX and asked him about the… READ MORE >

Shaq to Barkley ... If I Was LeBron, I'D PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE! (VIDEO)

Shaq to Barkley

Shaquille O'Neal says Charles Barkley is lucky LeBron James didn't fly out to the "Inside the NBA" studio to BEAT his ass after his recent criticism ... 'cause that's what he woulda done. Shaq… READ MORE >

- 196 days ago
John Cena Warns Shaq: Big Show's In Best Shape of His Life (VIDEO)

John Cena
Big Show's In Best Shape Of His Life Shaq Better Watch Out!!

John Cena has a warning for his buddy, Shaq, before WrestleMania 33: better take Big Show seriously, 'cause he's ready to prove that he's got gas left in the tank!! Cena says Big Show is… READ MORE >

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Shaq Would DESTROY Charles Barkley in Real Fight ... Says Kenny Smith (VIDEO)

Kenny Smith
Shaq Would DESTROY Charles Barkley ... In Real Fight

Things got HEATED between Shaq and Charles Barkley on "Inside the NBA" Thursday night ... but what would happen if the two superstars actually came to blows?  Shaq would straight-up MURDER… READ MORE >

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Metta World Peace Cheers Against His Kid In Favor Of Shaq's Son (VIDEO)

Metta World Peace
I Cheer For Shaq's Son Over My Kid

There's no beef between Shaq and Metta World Peace over their basketball star kids ... matter of fact, Metta says he sometimes pulls for Shareef when he plays against his son.… READ MORE >

- 204 days ago
Shareef O'Neal and Ron Artest's Son BALL OUT Like Their Daddies In H.S. Showdown (VIDEO)

Shareef O'Neal and Ron Artest III
Ballin' Like Our Daddies Crazy H.S. Basketball Showdown

Trick shots. Thunderous dunks. Crazy feats of athleticism. The insanely athletic spawn of Metta World Peace and Shaquille O'Neal BALLED OUT HARD during a high school showdown in L.A. ... complete… READ MORE >

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Shaq -- CALL ME SHAQ-A-CLAUS ... I Know Where To Get Hatchimals! (VIDEO)

CALL ME SHAQ-A-CLAUS I Know Where To Get Hatchimals!

You want Hatchimals? Shaq will get you Hatchimals.  In case you don't know what Hatchimals are (good for you) ... they're the HOTTEST Xmas gift on the planet right now. READ MORE >

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Olympic Legend John Carlos -- Warns Shaq Over Kaepernick Criticism ... You're On the Wrong Side of History (VIDEO)

Olympic Legend John Carlos
Warns Shaq Over Kaep Criticism You're On the Wrong Side of History

U.S. Olympic legend John Carlos -- who famously raised the black power fist at the '68 Games -- is warning Shaquille O'Neal about criticizing Colin Kaepernick's protest ... saying he's going to… READ MORE >

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Iman Shumpert & Teyana -- Hey Shaq ... We Saw Your Man Junk (VIDEO)

Iman Shumpert and Teyana
Hey Shaq ... We Saw Your Man Junk

How much Shaq is too much Shaq???  When you can see all of his man junk flopping around in his undies ... so says Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert.  Of course, Shaq recently spoofed… READ MORE >

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Detective Shaq -- David Beckham Wallet Caper ... Case Closed (VIDEO)

Detective Shaq
David Beckham Wallet Caper ... Case Closed

Who woulda thunk it ... Shaquille O'Neal found a lost wallet on the ground that belonged to none other than ... David Beckham!! READ MORE >

- 351 days ago
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