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Saul Hudson, mainly known as Slash, was born on July 23, 1965, and was raised in Stoke-on-Trent. Both his parents worked in the entertainment business, his mother being a clothing designer (she did some of David Bowie's costumes) and his father being an art director for a record company. When Slash was 11 he moved with his mother to Los Angeles, leaving his father behind in England, although he eventually joined them in L.A. years later. Slash became sort of an outsider at school since he didn't really fit in with other kids. In the mid 70s his parents separated and Slash moved in with his grandmother. During this time Slash got interested in BMX riding, and went on to win several awards and money in competitions. When he was 15 he got his first guitar, and his schoolwork started to go downhill as he skipped class to sit playing guitar all day. Slash eventually got so tired of school that he dropped out in 11th grade. As he lived in Los Angeles, a city flourishing with new, young rock bands, he quickly got in touch with people to jam with. After meeting Steven Adler the two of them formed a band called Road Crew. Then he met Izzy Stradlin who played in a band with Axl Rose, and after hearing Axl sing live, he was set on getting him in his band. Soon a bass player answered one of Slash's ads in the paper, and Slash (guitar), Steven (drums), Izzy (guitar), Axl (vocals) and Duff McKagan (bass) formed Guns N' Roses in 1986. Soon enough, GNR were known across the globe as the new rock n' roll sensation. Album sales went sky high and the band was having a blast on their world tours, and during this time Slash worked with artists like Michael Jackson on the Dangerous album and Lenny Kravitz, just to name two. But after the Use Your Illusion tour, GNR decided to take a break. Slash however, needed to play music and so he formed his own band Slash's Snakepit. With the success of this bands album It's Five O'Clock Somewhere (1995), Slash told the public that Slash's Snakepit would be back again. During this time Slash and Axl were having some heated arguments about Guns N' Roses and what would happen next. Guns N' Roses as we knew them then, was terminated by the result as Slash decided to leave the band, handing all rights of the band name over to Axl. After this Slash did a few gigs here and there, formed a band called Blues Ball who played blues covers, and even brought back Slash's Snakepit as he said he would, although they didn't last very long this time either. In 2000, Slash met Perla Ferrar and on October 15, 2001, married her. It's not surprising that he wore black leather pants, a white shirt and his faithful black leather jacket to the wedding! His new status as a married man didn't slow him down, though. In 2003, Velvet Revolver was formed by the former members of Guns N' Roses; Slash, Duff and Matt (who replaced Steven in 1990), Scott Weiland (vocals) from Stone Temple Pilots and Dave Kushner (guitar) from Wasted Youth. Velvet Revolver's debut album Contraband (2004) was long-awaited and sold incredibly well. They are now going to show up on the second Live Aid concert along with many other huge artists, which will be held in London. Velvet Revolver's plans to become a rock band of great magnitude are definitely in the works, and Slash himself has earned his title as one of the greatest rock n' roll guitar players in history.  See full bio on IMDb »

Slash -- Axl Rose Bashing at Walk of Fame Induction

Axl Rose BASHING at Walk of Fame Induction

Slash just officially received his "star" on the Hollywood Walk of Fame ... in a ceremony complete with cocaine jokes and Axl Rose insults ... courtesy of Charlie Sheen. Sheen was one of the… READ MORE >

Slash + Angel -- Barbarians?

Slash & Criss Angel
The 'Barbarians'?

Former Guns N' Roses member Slash and Vegas magician Criss Angel appear to be the douchey style inspirations of "Conan the Barbarian" remake star Jason Momoa.The cheesy accessories don't lie.We're… READ MORE >

- 1890 days ago
Slash on Jani Lane: 'What a Shame'

Slash on Jani Lane:
'What a Shame'

The entire metal community is mourning the death of Warrant singer Jani Lane ... including Slash who posted a message saying, "Just heard about Jani Lane. What a shame. RIP man."Nikki Sixx from… READ MORE >

- 1899 days ago
Slash -- Come Fly the Stinky Skies


Slash's last flight seriously went south when a toilet clogged up -- stinking up the whole cabin. Man, IF ONLY Samuel L. Jackson were there to yell a few curse words...Check out TMZ on TV --… READ MORE >

- 1908 days ago
Slash -- I Survived Crappiest Flight Ever


It was Code: Brown on Slash's flight from Minnesota to Los Angeles last night ... when the plane had to make an unscheduled pit stop in Utah because one of the TOILETS got backed up while in the… READ MORE >

- 1909 days ago
Bieber's Crew Stages Mutiny Over Japan Concert

Bieber's Crew
Stages Mutiny Over Japan Concert

Justin Bieber's scheduled concerts in Japan could be torpedoed because of a crew mutiny ... TMZ has learned.Many crew members have flat out refused to go to Japan for two concerts later this… READ MORE >

- 1998 days ago
Mrs. Slash -- I Didn't Kick that Woman ... But I Shoulda!

Mrs. Slash -- I Didn't Kick that Woman ... But I Shoulda!

Slash's wife Perla Hudson insists she never kicked plus-sized porn model Samantha Slopes in the stomach at an Ozzy Osbourne concert ... but claims, "I should have."Perla -- who touched down at LAX… READ MORE >

- 2084 days ago
Mrs. Slash's Concert Accuser -- Plus-Sized Porn Model

Mrs. Slash's Concert Accuser -- Plus-Sized Porn Model

The woman who claims Slash's wife kicked her in the stomach at an Ozzy Osbourne concert this week is a PLUS-SIZED PORN MODEL named Samantha Slopes ... TMZ has learned. Sources close to Slopes tell… READ MORE >

- 2087 days ago
Slash's Wife Named in Alleged Attack at Ozzy Concert

Slash's Wife
Named in Alleged Attack at Ozzy Concert

Slash's wife has been accused of kicking another woman in the stomach at an Ozzy Osbourne concert in L.A. this week ... this according to law enforcement sources. According to the police report,… READ MORE >

- 2089 days ago
Slash to Mrs. Slash: Divorce Was a Stupid Idea

Slash to Mrs. Slash: Divorce Was a Stupid Idea

Slash and his almost ex-wife have reconciled ... TMZ has learned ... and he's asking the court to dismiss his divorce petition.Slash -- real name Saul Hudson -- filed a request for dismissal of… READ MORE >

- 2183 days ago

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