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Stephen Curry

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Stephen Curry was born in 1976 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. He is an actor and writer, known for The Castle (1997), Rogue (2007) and The King (2007).  See full bio on IMDb »

Steph Curry Mocks LeBron James Workout Vids with Kyrie Irving Watching

Steph Curry
You Love Me Mocking LeBron ... Don't You, Kyrie Irving?

Turns out Steph Curry does a dead-on impression of LeBron James in the gym ... and he busted it out at a wedding, in front of LBJ's running mate, Kyrie Irving.  Steph Curry mocks LeBron's… READ MORE >

Steph Curry Mocks Klay Thompson with Botched 360 Dunk in China

Steph Curry
Mocks #ChinaKlay w/ Dunk Fail

Klay Thompson's back in the States ... but the legend of #ChinaKlay lives on!! Here's video of Steph Curry mocking his Splash Brother with a hilarious intentional dunk fail in Chengdu --… READ MORE >

- 147 days ago
Justin Timberlake Goes 'Lion King' On Random Baby at Golf Tourney

Justin Timberlake
Goes 'Lion King' On Random Baby ... At Golf Tourney

Throw Justin Timberlake's name in the hat to play Rafiki in the live-action 'Lion King' flick -- 'cause he executed the Simba lift on a baby to perfection at a golf tourney ... and TMZ Sports has… READ MORE >

- 154 days ago
Dwyane Wade: I Like Steph's $201 Mil Contract, Here's Why

Dwyane Wade
I Dig Steph's $201 Mil Contract Here's Why ...

Dwyane Wade is giving the big thumbs-up to Steph Curry's new $201 million contract with the Golden State Warriors ... telling TMZ Sports he wants to see even MORE players getting monster… READ MORE >

- 166 days ago
Steph Curry's the Champ of Beach Brews

Steph Curry
I'm the Champ of Beach Brews ... Who Needs a Fresh One?

Steph Curry's dishing beers and stogies in the off-season, the same way he dished the rock in the NBA Finals ... but now it's his family scoring instead of Kevin Durant. The Curry fam -- Steph,… READ MORE >

- 179 days ago
Steph Curry Ripped and Hairless in Hawaii Beach Photo

Steph Curry
Ripped & Hairless ... Ayesha Likey

Say ALOHA to Steph Curry's champion beach bod ... in all its waxed glory.  Steph's on vacation with the fam in Hawaii ... and Ayesha Curry took this shot of her man hangin' in the… READ MORE >

- 179 days ago
Steph Curry Turns Up In Hollywood with Drake's Dad

Steph Curry
Turns Up In Hollywood ... With Drake's Dad

Steph Curry touched down in Hollywood on Thursday -- and hit the L.A. club scene with Drake's dad ... and TMZ Sports has the video. The Golden State Warriors star hit up the restaurant, Delilah… READ MORE >

- 185 days ago
Draymond Green Shades LeBron James at Warriors Championship Rally

Draymond Green
Shades LeBron At Warriors Parade 'You Started The Super Team, Bro!'

Draymond Green just threw some MAJOR shade at LeBron James at the Warriors championship parade ... mocking the Cavs superstar's comments about never being part of a "super team." Green took… READ MORE >

- 186 days ago
Steph Curry Gets Tatted Up After NBA Championship

Steph Curry
Tattoo House Call ... After NBA Finals

How did Steph Curry celebrate his 2nd NBA title? Tattoo party at his mansion!! TMZ Sports has learned ... the Golden State Warriors star summoned Bay Area tattoo artist Nino Lapid to his home… READ MORE >

- 187 days ago
Warriors Fans Dance on Light Poles, In the Streets to Celebrate NBA Title

Warriors Fans
Dancin' On Light Poles!! ... After NBA Title

The fans went absolutely CRAZY in downtown Oakland Monday night ... dancing in the streets and climbing light poles to celebrate the Warriors' huge win over the Cavs!! Dub Nation flocked the… READ MORE >

- 188 days ago
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