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Stevie J

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Stevie J. was born in Buffalo, New York, USA as Steven Jordan.  See full bio on IMDb »

Joseline Hernandez, Stevie J, Court Official Says They're Hiding their Kid from Us!!!

Joseline Hernandez, Stevie J
Court Official Says ... They're Hiding Their Kid from Us!!!

Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J are playing a shell game with their child, hiding their daughter from the court ... this according to the guardian appointed to protect the kid. Joseline and Stevie… READ MORE >

'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" Stars Joseline Hernandez, Stevie J Ordered to Stop Trash-Talking

Joseline Hernandez, Stevie J
Judge Orders Don't Trash Talk Each Other!!!

Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J have been ordered to stop trash-talking each other immediately ... thing is, they've been ordered to refrain from trash-talking for the last 2 years.  In new… READ MORE >

- 147 days ago
Stevie J Claims Joseline Hernandez Assaulted Him with Hot Mushrooms

Stevie J
Joseline Assaulted Me With Hot 'Shrooms!

Stevie J says Joseline Hernandez put a new twist on her attacks on him -- this time her weapon of choice was, no joke ... a bowl of hot mushrooms. The alleged fungi fling went down… READ MORE >

- 273 days ago
Stevie J Pleads Guilty, Hit with $1.3 Million Child Support Bill

Stevie J
Pleads Guilty in Child Support Case ... Forced to Pay $1.3 Mil

Stevie J's failure to pay child support just smacked him in the face, and wallet -- the judge is ordering him to pay $1,304,835.86 ... and that's getting off easy. Stevie was forced to fork over… READ MORE >

- 387 days ago
Stevie J Needs Jail Time for Skipping Child Support, Prosecutors Say

Stevie J
Lock Him Up for Delinquent Child Support ... Prosecutor Recommends

Stevie J's unpaid child support stands at an insane $1.3 million and he's so far behind, his federal prosecutor wants him to pay with hard time. U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara says Stevie's… READ MORE >

- 392 days ago
Stevie J's Defamation Lawsuit Against Joseline Hernandez Dismissed

Stevie J
Joseline's Off the Hook in Defamation Suit

Stevie J either had a big change of heart about suing his baby mama, Joseline Hernandez ... or maybe he's just absentminded about court dates. Stevie's defamation lawsuit against Joseline was… READ MORE >

- 401 days ago
Stevie J Greenlit For New Penthouse Reality Show (VIDEO)

Stevie J
Greenlit For New Penthouse Reality Show

Stevie J is gonna have his work cut out for him ... the "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star just got the greenlight for a new reality series that will scour the U.S. & Canada for 8 fresh… READ MORE >

- 411 days ago
Stevie J Calls Truce with Joseline for Baby's Sake (VIDEO)

Stevie J
I Want a Truce with Joseline For Our Baby's Sake

The greatest miracle of Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez having a baby girl last week could be a full peace treaty between them ... and he says they're both committed to making it… READ MORE >

- 414 days ago
Joseline Hernandez Says She's Drug-Free but Stevie J's Not Buying It

Joseline Hernandez
I'm Drug-Free! Stevie J Still Doubts Her

Joseline Hernandez says she has hard evidence she's clean and sober, but her soon-to-be baby daddy, Stevie J, is not buying it. Joseline filed docs and attached 3 drug test results that… READ MORE >

- 430 days ago
Stevie J's DNA Test Proves He's the Father

Stevie J
I've Got DNA Results ... I'm the Father!!!

Stevie J did it without Maury Povich, unfortunately, and he's confirmed he IS the father of the baby Joseline Hernandez is squeezing out within the next month. Stevie's DNA test result… READ MORE >

- 431 days ago
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