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Tareq Salahi

Tareq Dirgham Salahi (born May 26, 1969, in Washington, D.C.) is a former American vintner, public official, and television personality. He and ex-wife, Michaele, gained national attention in November 2009 by crashing a White House state dinner in honor of India's Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. In 2010, the couple were featured in the Bravo reality television show The Real Housewives of D.C. Salahi's father, Dirgham Salahi immigrated to the United States from Jerusalem, British Mandate of Palestine in the 1940s. His mother, Corinne, is from Belgium. Dirgham was educated as a petroleum geologist and worked in the Middle East and U.S. He retired and settled in Virginia, where he became manager of an estate farm, which he subsequently bought. Corinne Salahi is the founder and director of the Montessori School of Alexandria, Virginia. Tareq attended primary school at Ascension Academy in Alexandria and high school at the Randolph-Macon Academy in Front Royal, Virginia, where he graduated in 1987. He graduated from the University of California, Davis in 1994 with a bachelor's degree in oenology and business management. Tareq met Michaele Holt at a 2000 baby shower thrown in McLean,

Tareq Salahi Reality Show: Win a Date with Me!

Tareq Salahi Reality Show
Win a Date with Me!

PERSONALSSeparated 43-year-old man seeks woman willing to compete for his love on television. Please don't be a fan of '80s soft rock music. Ability to talk your way into highly-secure events you… READ MORE >

Tareq Salahi -- 'No Interest' in Dating Right Now ... And Why Would He?

Tareq Salahi
'No Interest' in Dating Right Now And Why Would He?

Tareq Salahi might be the most famous soon-to-be single man around, but don't look for him to get back on the dating scene in the near future ... especially since his single life involves hanging… READ MORE >

- 2046 days ago
Tareq Salahi -- Mending Broken Heart with Manhattan Madam Kristin Davis and Porn Stars

Tareq Salahi
Bye Bye, Groupie Slut Hello, Manhattan Madam!!

Tareq Salahi is mending his broken heart the old fashioned way -- partying with an infamous madam and her porn star pals in NYC ... TMZ has learned.Michaele Salahi's estranged hubby is not only… READ MORE >

- 2047 days ago
Michael Salahi Deals Blow to MS Charity

Michaele Salahi
Deals Blow to MS Charity

First the dog, now people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis .... more collateral damage caused by Michaele Salahi's decision to bang a Journey band member.Tareq Salahi tells us he's forced to… READ MORE >

- 2048 days ago
Michaele Salahi -- Backstage Shenanigans With Steven Tyler

Michaele Salahi
Smooth Backstage Moves With Steven Tyler

Michaele Salahi posed for a suggestive photo, hip-to-hip, with the likes of Steven Tyler -- more than five years before she decided to run off with Journey guitarist Neal Schon.TMZ obtained the… READ MORE >

- 2049 days ago
Tareq Salahi: Michaele Salahi Is a Groupie Slut

Tareq Salahi:
Michaele Is a Groupie Slut!

Tareq Salahi just did an interview in which he called Michaele "a groupie slut." TMZ presents: Exhibit A -- Michaele at a Journey concert on Saturday in Tampa, FL ... which we now call Trampa, FL.  READ MORE >

- 2050 days ago
Michaele and Tareq Salahi's Dog -- The REAL Victim of the Break-Up

The Salahi's Dog
The REAL Victim of the Break-Up

Michaele and Tareq Salahi's break-up just took such a sad turn -- we had to turn their absurd lives into an equally absurd song. Maestro! Check out TMZ on TV -- click here to see your local… READ MORE >

- 2050 days ago
Tareq Salahi Digging Himself Deeper Into a Hole

Tareq Salahi
Caught Diggin' Himself Deeper Into a Hole

The man just can't get a break ... Less than an hour after burying his beloved Doberman Pinscher, Tareq Salahi had cops knockin' on his door.Apparently one of his neighbors called the police after… READ MORE >

- 2050 days ago
Tareq Salahi: I Lost 2 Bitches In One Week

I Lost Two Bitches In a Week

For those of you who think the Salahi scandal is all fake... Well, we have living proof it's real. TMZ has obtained pictures of Tareq Salahi burying his beloved Doberman Pinscher, Rio.  We… READ MORE >

- 2051 days ago
Salahi Dog Dies ... Of Broken Heart?

Salahi Dog Dies
Of a Broken Heart?

Rio, the Doberman Pinscher that was so depressed he couldn't get out of bed after Michaele abandoned him, has died.Just before midnight Sunday, Rio passed at the family home in Virginia. … READ MORE >

- 2051 days ago
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