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Tina Fey

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Elizabeth Stamatina Fey was born in 1970 in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, just west of Philadelphia, to Xenobia "Jeanne" (Xenakes), a brokerage employee, and Donald Henry Fey, who wrote grant proposals for universities. Her mother is Greek, born in Piraeus, while her father had German, Northern Irish, and English ancestry. Going by the name of Tina, Fey considered herself a "supernerd" during her high school and college years. She studied drama at the University of Virginia, and after graduating in 1992, she headed to Chicago, the ancestral home of American comedy. While working at a YMCA to support herself, she started Second City's first set of courses. After about nine months, a teacher told her to just skip ahead and audition for the more selective Second City Training Center. She failed but about eight weeks later, she re-auditioned and got into the year-long program. She ended up spending many years at The Second City in Chicago where many SNL cast members first started out. Then in 1995, Saturday Night Live (1975) came to The Second City's cast, including Fey's friend, Adam McKay, as a writer, searching for new talent. What they found was Tina Fey. When Adam was made Head writer, he suggested Fey should send a submission packet over the summer with six sketches, 10 pages each. Tina took the advice and sent them. After Lorne Michaels met her and saw her work she was offered a job a week later. She admitted that she was extremely nervous working in the legendary Studio 8H; being a foot shorter than everyone else, younger, and being one of the only female writers at the time. After a few years, Tina made history by becoming the first female head writer in the show's history. Tina also made her screen debut as a featured player during the 25th season by co-anchoring Weekend Update with Jimmy Fallon. Since Tina and Jimmy have taken over Weekend Update it has been considered the best ever. This year she made it to full fledged star by becoming a regular cast member, though she is hardly on the show, besides Update. And during the past two summers, Tina and Rachel Dratch performed their two-woman show to critical acclaim in both Chicago (1999) and New York (2000) and made their Aspen Comedy Festival Debut. Tina is married to Jeff Richmond, a Second City director and lives in New York City.  See full bio on IMDb »

Rachel Dratch -- Banished from SNL?!

Rachel Dratch
Banished from SNL?!

Rachel Dratch on SNL: "Once you leave, you can never go back."Pap: "...But Tina Fey went back...?"Rachel: (pause .... smile) "... Why ya gotta do this to me right now?!" READ MORE >

Tina Fey -- She's Just Not That Into You

Tina Fey
She's Just Not That Into You

Our photog had a rough day yesterday, because it was the day his delusional relationship with Tina Fey sadly came to an end. READ MORE >

- 3343 days ago
Tina Fey -- One Dolla Won't Make Me Holla

Tina Fey
One Dolla Won't Make Me Holla

We offered to throw one whole U.S. dollar her way, but Tina Fey refused to whip out her Golden Globes at the airport -- she's a little more high-priced than that.Regardless, after spending 15… READ MORE >

- 3385 days ago
BULLETIN: Tina Fey Is Filthy, Stinkin' Rich

Tina Fey Is Filthy, Stinkin' Rich

We were pretty confident Tina Fey smelled better than her "30 Rock" co-star Judah Friedlander -- now we know for sure. READ MORE >

- 3419 days ago
Tina Fey -- So That's Where the Scar's From

Tina Fey
So That's Where the Scar's From

Tina Fey is finally talking about where that scar on her cheek came from -- and it's anything but funny.She's never told anyone how she got it, but in Vanity Fair, Fey and hubby Jeff Richmond say… READ MORE >

- 3428 days ago
TMZ & Baldwin Say Palin's Hot

TMZ & Baldwin
Say Palin's Hot

So who knew Alec Baldwin would go on SNL and tell Sarah Palin what TMZ told her just hours in NYC earlier... politics aside, she's kind of a babe.  READ MORE >

- 3472 days ago
It's Like Looking in a Mirror ...

It's Like
Looking in a Mirror ...

Tina, meet Sarah. Sarah, this is Tina.Here's what we know about Sarah Palin's scheduled appearance on "Saturday Night Live" tomorrow night. The wannabe VP will appear aside her doppelgänger,… READ MORE >

- 3473 days ago
Please Stop It, Tina Fey

Please Stop It,
Tina Fey

If Tina Fey's goal with her "SNL" impression is to make Gov. Sarah Palin seem so incompetent that everything she does in real life comes off genius by comparison, then she has succeeded in spades.… READ MORE >

- 3485 days ago
Queen Latifah Set to Grill Sarah Palin

Queen Latifah
Set to Grill Sarah Palin

Well-placed sources tell TMZ Queen Latifah is getting in the middle of the Sarah Palin/Joe Biden VP debate by portraying last night's moderator, PBS journalist Gwen Ifill, on "SNL" this week.For… READ MORE >

- 3487 days ago
Pete Sampras Backhands Tina Fey

Pete Sampras
Backhands Tina Fey

Pete Sampras is sick and tired of Tina Fey -- and all those high and mighty celebs who push their political beliefs on the common folk. The retired tennis legend ripped into the Palin-alike and… READ MORE >

- 3492 days ago
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