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Tyrese Gibson

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Tyrese Darnell Gibson was born December 30, 1978 in Watts, Los Angeles, California, where he was raised. He is an R&B singer, songwriter, actor, author, television producer and model. He is well known for his actor role as Roman Pearce in the The Fast and Furious movie franchise. Other popular movies Tyrese has acted in are Death Race, Transformers, Boyz 'N the Hood and Legion. Tyrese was married in 2007 and had a daughter named Shayla Somer, in 2009 his marriage was publicly announced that it was over for him and his wife. Tyrese continues to pursue his career.

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Tyrese Gibson, Ex-Wife Wants Mental Evaluation

Tyrese Gibson
Ex-Wife Wants Mental Evaluation

The lawyer for Tyrese Gibson's ex-wife, Norma, just told the court it's essential for the judge in their custody war to demand a mental evaluation of the actor in light of recent, bizarre actions.… READ MORE >

Tyrese Blames Depression Medication for Online Meltdown

Meltdown Wasn't Me ... It Was the Meds

Tyrese has offered an explanation for his erratic behavior in recent weeks -- he says a new medication is to blame. Tyrese claims his online meltdown a couple weeks ago was caused by the drug… READ MORE >

- 103 days ago
Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith Did Not Give Tyrese $5 Million

Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith
Did NOT Give Tyrese $5 Million

Tyrese claims Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith gave him a whopping $5 million so he could dig himself out of a financial hole from his custody case, but sources directly connected to both Will… READ MORE >

- 106 days ago
Tyrese Gibson Patted Down by Bailiffs in Custody Case

Patted Down By Bailiffs In Bitter Custody Case

Tyrese Gibson was cornered in a courthouse hallway Thursday by 4 bailiffs who fully patted him down ... this after Tyrese exhibited emotional/irrational behavior on video Wednesday. Tyrese showed… READ MORE >

- 112 days ago
Tyrese Says He's Not Going Crazy, Just Desperate and Broke

I’m Not Going Crazy … I’m Just Desperate and Broke

Tyrese looks like he's having a mental breakdown and his friends are worried sick, but the actor tells us his behavior is that of a desperate father who has been bled dry by an angry… READ MORE >

- 112 days ago
Tyrese Melts Down Before Court Battle, 'Don't Take My Baby!!'

Tyrese Melts Down
Rich Friends Won't Help 'Please Don't Take My Baby!!!'

Tyrese is coming apart at the seams over his legal battle to see his daughter, and he recorded an emotional breakdown hours before heading to court. Tyrese posted this video where he just loses… READ MORE >

- 113 days ago
Tyrese Takes Daughter to In-N-Out During Monitored Visit

Take Your Daughter to In-N-Out Day

Tyrese's first visit with his daughter in 2 months was pretty short ... so he took her to a place that's just as quick with grub that made both daddy and daughter smile.  Tyrese got to see… READ MORE >

- 115 days ago
Tyrese Will Be Allowed to Visit His Daughter

Will Get to See Daughter For a Day

Tyrese will get some daddy time with his daughter, Shayla, after all, but the restraining order battle with his ex-wife is far from over ... TMZ has learned. Sources connected with the case… READ MORE >

- 117 days ago
Tyrese Says Someone Coached His Daughter to Rat Him Out

Someone Coached My Kid to Rat Me Out

Tyrese insists the permanent restraining order his ex is trying to get against him is based on a story his daughter was coached into telling. Tyrese filed docs saying the only evidence his… READ MORE >

- 118 days ago
Tyrese Gibson, Exhausted, Depressed Leaving Hospital

Tyrese Gibson
Exhausted, Depressed ...Leaving Hospital

Tyrese Gibson was down in the dumps as he left Cedars-Sinai Thursday night, after checking himself in for chest pains and anxiety. Tyrese says he's never been embroiled in a court case in his… READ MORE >

- 118 days ago
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