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Vinny Guadagnino

Vincent "Vinny" Guadagnino (born November 11, 1987) is an American reality television personality and actor. He is a cast member on MTV's Jersey Shore. Guadagnino was born and raised in Staten Island, New York, and comes from a traditional Italian-American family. His mother was born in Sicily, and his family's farm is visited during an episode in Jersey Shore's fourth season. Guadagnino is a graduate of Susan E. Wagner High School. He subsequently attended SUNY New Paltz and graduated from the College of Staten Island with a 3.9 GPA and was a political aide for a New York State Assemblyman. After the success of Jersey Shore, Guadagnino has dedicated his extra time to taking acting classes and honing his craft. A self-described natural entertainer, Guadagnino’s interest in acting is focused on comedy. He recently guest-starred on MTV’s scripted comedy series The Hard Times of RJ Berger playing the role of RJ’s cousin, and was also featured in an episode of 90210 which aired November 8, 2011. Guadagnino has expressed interest in continuing to appear on 90210 in a recurring role. He appeared in another 90210 episode entitled "O Holly Night" in his recurring role. Recently he appeared

'Jersey Shore' Vinny --  Let's Pretend I'm Raping You

'Jersey Shore' Vinny
Releases Love Song -- Let's Pretend I'm Raping You!

Vinny from "Jersey Shore" believes the way to a stripper's heart is through pretend rape ... this according to the lyrics in a new rap song he just released. Vinny just posted a song called "Rack… READ MORE >

'Jersey Shore' Vinny -- Oral Lesson at Ivy League School

Vinny from 'Jersey Shore'
Oral Lesson At Ivy League School

Vinny Guadagnino from "Jersey Shore" was actually invited to speak at Columbia University -- but quickly found out ... even the Ivy League has hecklers. They're just smarter about it.Check out… READ MORE >

- 1973 days ago
Vinny From 'Jersey Shore' -- Ivy League Deviance Expert

Vinny From 'Jersey Shore'
Ivy League Deviance Expert

The apocalypse is nigh -- yesterday, a "Jersey Shore" cast member gave a guest lecture at an Ivy League school ... It actually makes a lot more sense when you know the full story -- sources tell… READ MORE >

- 1973 days ago
'Jersey Shore' Cast Members -- Escape the Hurricane for VMAs

'Jersey Shore' Cast Members
ESCAPE the Hurricane for VMAs Via Private Jet

MTV couldn't have its biggest stars miss tomorrow night's Video Music Awards due to the hurricane sweeping the East Coast -- so they chartered a private jet to take "Jersey Shore" stars Snooki,… READ MORE >

- 2041 days ago
MTV Cracks Down on 'Jersey Shore' Deserters

MTV Cracks Down on 'Jersey Shore' Deserters

MTV has instituted a zero tolerance policy for  "Jersey Shore" runaways -- after nearly losing both The Situation AND Vinny -- threatening to fire any cast member who even thinks of going… READ MORE >

- 2087 days ago
Vinny Back in 'Jersey Shore' House

Back in 'Jersey Shore' House

Apparently the "Jersey Shore" cast enjoys a big pain in the ass, because we've learned Vinny has returned!As TMZ reported Saturday night, Vinny and the cast went to dinner and a club last… READ MORE >

- 2089 days ago
Vinny Returns to 'Jersey Shore' ... Maybe

Vinny Returns to 'Jersey Shore' ... Maybe

Vinny Guadagnino -- who bailed on "Jersey Shore" last week after getting in a fight with a cast member -- is having dinner tonight with the rest of the cast, and we're told if things go well ...… READ MORE >

- 2089 days ago
Vinny -- Goodbye 'Jersey Shore,' Goodbye Career!

Vinny -- Goodbye 'Jersey Shore,' Goodbye Career!

Vinny Guadagnino bailed on "Jersey Shore" ... officially ending his career a little earlier than it was probably gonna end anyway. Good luck hooking up with grenades not named Snooki, Vin. Check… READ MORE >

- 2094 days ago
'Jersey Shore' Guys -- Man Down

'Jersey Shore' Guys -- Man Down

The fellas from "Jersey Shore" -- Pauly D, The Situation, and Ronnie -- were spotted leaving their Seaside Heights house today to do laundry ... with their departed cast mate Vinny nowhere in… READ MORE >

- 2095 days ago
Vinny's 'Jersey Shore' Exit -- SEE THE VIDEO

Vinny's 'Jersey Shore' Exit -- SEE THE VIDEO

TMZ has obtained video of Vinny Guadagnino storming off from the "Jersey Shore" house in the middle of the night -- for good. As TMZ first reported, Vinny bolted from the house after fighting… READ MORE >

- 2096 days ago

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