Michael Jackson New Molestation Suit

1/12/2006 3:49 PM PST

New Molestation Suit

TMZ has obtained a lawsuit filed by a man who claims Michael Jackson molested him, gave him drugs, alcohol and forced him to undergo unnecessary cosmetic surgery.

The plaintiff in this bizarre suit, claims Jackson "repeatedly and forcefully" sexually molested him from 1987 (when he was two years old) until, "on or about December 21, 1999," at locations that were "owned, leased or rented by defendants." Other defendants in the case include various divisions of Sony Music (Jackson's label). The plaintiff accuses Sony of conspiring with Jackson and allowing the alleged acts to occur.

The suit claims the molestation includes "Michael Jackson sticking his tongue down plaintiff's throat, masturbating plaintiff, and anally penetrating plaintiff by force."

The suit, filed in Orange County Superior Court, claims the plaintiff, now 20 years old, has suffered "severe mental and emotional distress, anguish, anxiety, fear, discomfort, psychological maladjustment, anger and grief..." The man claims he has undergone medical and psychiatric treatment as a result of the alleged misdeeds.

The plaintiff claims Jackson committed a battery by giving him "drugs and alcohol, subjecting plaintiff to unnecessary cosmetic surgery procedures, striking plaintiff, burning plaintiff, torturing plaintiff, and beating plaintiff..." The lawsuit also claims, "on or about December 21, 1999, Jackson beat his mother." The December 21 date is when all of the alleged misconduct stopped.

Finally, the lawsuit claims Jackson and Sony stole the plaintiff's song ideas and lyrics.

Lisa Mattern, a lawyer for the plaintiff, told TMZ that the boy's father knew Michael Jackson even before his son was born. For a time, the father booked entertainers, including psychics, for parties at Neverland. Mattern says her client's dad would take the boy to Neverland. Eventually, she says, the boy began travelling extensively with Jackson. Mattern says her client has photos to prove he was frequently with the singer. Matern says on December 21, 1999, there was an explosive confrontation between Jackson and her client's mother. She says during that confrontation, Jackson physically attacked the mom.

Jackson was acquitted on criminal charges of child molestation last year. Jackson's lawyer Tom Mesereau told TMZ: "The charges are ridiculous on their face. They will be vigorously defended."