Watts and McConaughey Love Their Water Sports

7/18/2006 1:42 PM PDT

Watts and McConaughey Love Their Water Sports

With summer well, oppressively upon us, celebrities, like the rest of us, are look for ways to cool down. Water sports are Matthew McConaughey and Naomi Watts choice to beat the summer heat.

Matthew used the recent heat wave as an excuse paddle out and learn some surfing in order to fit his new Malibu lifestyle. Matthew's first lesson went really well for the amateur. He managed to stand up on a few waves and could be heard yelling excitedly by friends on shore who congratulated the beach bum-in-training when he went ashore.

Naomi Watts prefers an al fresco approach to cooling down and working off those dinner calories. The "King Kong" star, boyfriend Liev Schreiber and friends decided to take a walk after having dinner in Italy, a walk that turned into a late night topless swim.

Ah Italia!