Top Stories for 08/02/06

8/2/2006 9:08 AM PDT

Top Stories for 08/02/06

Despite evidence to the contrary, Diddy does in fact sleep – even through his own fabulous parties!

The rapper-designer-mogul kept his guests waiting – for five-and-a-half hours – at his own White Party in St. Tropez last weekend so that he could get a little beauty rest. After all, what kind of international player would Diddy be if he didn't arrive -- to everything -- very fashionably late?

The famously bionic nightcrawler told guests to arrive at his annual monochromatically-themed bash, held this year at the Nikki Beach club on the French Riviera, at 2:30 pm, and guests like Ivana and Ivanka Trump, Penelope Cruz, Paris Hilton, and others duly obliged, only to find themselves tapping their Manolos in anticipation of the host.

Diddy, meanwhile, was getting some shut-eye, says Page Six, restoring his energy after a night of debauchery that started with a party for his fragrance-launch "Unforgivable" bash aboard the RM Elegant and ended about 8:30 in the morning. Puff finally made it to Nikki Beach around 8 in the evening, where he found, amongst other sights and sounds, Playboy model Victoria Silvstedt flashing the cameras.

Brinkley Briefly Sees Cheating Hubby, Passes Out Popsicles

Minus her wedding ring but bearing a healthy smile and a sympathetic heart towards a photographer, Christie Brinkley returned to the Hamptons yesterday and had an encounter with her philanderer husband Peter Cook.

The supermodel was spotted by the New York Daily News yesterday arriving at her and Cook's $22 million Bridgehampton estate, when Cook himself and Cook's parents arrived around the same time. The group was inside the house for about 15 minutes and then all hightailed it out together.

Later, says the Daily News, Brinkley returned to the compound and gave a photographer on stakeout duty on one of the steamiest days of the year a box of Popsicles with a note inside, saying, "I want you to take this. It's very, very hot out." The note repeated that sentiment, reading, "Sorry you have to do this on a such a hot day!" And Brinkley and 20-year-old daughter Alexa Ray Joel, who was in the car with her, also gave the photog two leather bracelets promoting

B. Smith Really, Really Wants Star's Old Job

At least she isn't shy about it: B. Smith, sometimes referred to as "the African-American Martha Stewart," tried to further her candidacy for the empty seat between Barbara and Joy on "The View" by sitting in the audience yesterday to "do [her] homework," as she put it to the New York Post's Michael Starr.

The model-restaurateur-lifestyle maven is now openly lobbying for Star Jones' old job, and before the show goes on hiatus for all of August (this Friday is the last live show until Sept. 5 and the arrival of Rosie O'Donnell), B. thought she'd make sure her potential co-hosts and producers didn't forget about her. "I think when you're interested in a position like that and want something, you've got to put yourself in the right situation," said Smith. (Hey – she got the Post to write about her, didn't she?)

"View" producers say that they're not even going to start thinking about the new co-host until after Rosie starts her gig.

Jessica Looks To Play A "Working Girl"

If Jessica Simpson was looking to broaden her acting range, the role that Melanie Griffith made famous in 1988's "Working Girl" – a ditzy, blousy secretary – would not be the catalyst. And yet, say Rush & Molloy, the pop singer is looking into reprising that role, and original stars Griffith and Sigourney Weaver may be participating in a remake of the film.

This is all according to Papa Simpson – Joe – who was overheard talking about it last week. A Simpson rep confirms that the project is "one of the scripts Jessica is considering." This September Simpson will star in another workplace comedy, "Employee of the Month."

Goodie Bag: Angelina Only Wants Women (Waitresses) While Pussycat Dolls Will Have Own Reality Show

Angelina Jolie won't have men serving her at restaurants, says Page Six, because she apparently doesn't like to be stared at while she eats. At Hollywood's Dakota restaurant recently, the new mother requested a "female server only" to supply her halibut and salad. . . The Pussycat Dolls are looking for another of their own – and it could be you. Variety reports that the CW has ordered eight episodes of "The Search for the Next Pussycat Doll," an amalagam of "America's Next Top Model" and "American Idol" that will help the Dolls recruit a new member. Director McG, one of the show's creators, says that he's "interested in the personal drama...all the real-life stuff that lies within." Riiiiiight

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