Babs' F-Bomb More Powerful Than Nuclear Bomb

10/10/2006 7:48 PM PDT

Babs' F-Bomb More Powerful Than Nuclear Bomb

As the world copes with the news of North Korea's alleged nuclear testing, there's another explosive event making an even bigger impact in the international community -- Barbra Streisand's F-Bomb.

It all went down during a bit in Streisand's concert in New York City last night, which featured a humorous routine with a George Bush impersonator -- similar to this clip obtained by TMZ. The act drew a few jeers and heckles from the crowd. and after imploring the audience to "be polite" failed, Babs shot back, "Shut the f**k up! Shut up if you can't take a joke!" Oh, Snap!

But the news of Barbra Streisand telling the heckler to "shut the f**k up" isn't just news here in the States -- apparently Babs is big in Africa and Malaysia, too.

We spoke to Streisand's publicist Ken Sunshine earlier today, and he told us that he's gotten interview requests from press outlets in those places and beyond. "There seems to be a lot of interest about one comedic part of a long show. But when anyone buys a ticket to a Streisand show, they're getting the greatest voice in the world and someone whose politics are very clear," Sunshine told TMZ.

But if you think a little heckling is gonna get the "Yentl" star down, think again. "The bit with the Bush impersonator is comedy, everyone knows it's comedy," Sunshine said. "There are always a healthy percentage of Republicans at her shows, they know her politics. They go for the music, the fun, and the performance. Barbra is obviously unfazed by the incident."

The lesson, as always: Don't f**k with Babs.