Isaiah Washington -- A Terror on the Set?

10/22/2006 4:00 AM PDT

Isaiah Washington -- A Terror on the Set?

Isaiah Washington got into it big time with Patrick Dempsey on the set of 'Grey's Anatomy.' Now TMZ has learned that Washington has had other on-set blowups.

A simmering feud between the two actors bubbled over last week, when Washington reportedly got in Dempsey's face, said some "disgusting things," then allegedly pushed "McDreamy" against a wall and choked him. We're told the incident was so intense it shut down production for a short time.

Now TMZ has learned of two other incidents that make Washington sound like "Dr. McNightmare." In the year 2000, Washington was shooting the TV show "Soul Food" for Showtime in Toronto. Washington and an actress, who played his wife, were shooting a scene in which Isaiah was supposed to give the woman a superficial kiss. We're told to the horror of everyone, Washington grabbed the woman and planted a "forceful, aggressive kiss."

The actress became irate, which then infuriated Washington who began screaming at her. At that point the director stepped in to correct Washington, and the actor went off on him. Executive Producer Tracey Edmonds then took over and Washington went off on her.

In 1997 there was yet another incident on the set of the TV show "High Incident." Washington was a guest star on the show, but we're told the gig ended abruptly after the actor had a physical altercation with a crew member. We're told it was serious enough that police were called.

As for the "Grey's Anatomy" melee, there are reports that Washington taunted Dempsey by saying, "I'm not your little faggot like [name redacted]," referring to a fellow cast member. Yesterday, "Grey's" cast member T.R. Knight revealed to PEOPLE magazine that he's gay, possibly prompted by public revelation of Washington's outburst.