Shanna vs. Travis -- Road to Revenge

11/6/2006 2:27 PM PST

Shanna vs. Travis -- Road to Revenge

When Shanna Moakler and Travis Barker aren't trashing the hell out of each other on Myspace, the former duo is thrashing their nasty split in public -- while Shanna picked up a butcher knife, Trav picked up Paris Hilton.

Shanna threw a "Divorce Party" in Vegas over the weekend, the highlight of the night being a three-tiered cake with a knife-wielding bride on top and a bloody groom at the bottom! Meanwhile, Barker blinked by keeping mum about his estranged she-wife when our cameras caught him partying over the weekend at L.A. hotspots Les Deux and Hyde.

Barker was in a jovial mood when we spotted him, telling TMZ that his kids were "amazing," and he was "gonna go home to see them right now." The former Blink-182 drummer was overly gracious to our cameraman and remained composed and calm despite the cyberwar at home.

The two recently had a war of words on MySpace, where Shanna called Barker's rumored flame Paris Hilton a "drug obsessed clown" and Barker said Moakler slept with her new boyfriend in the couple's bed. Peace out.