Britney and Justin: Back Together?

1/19/2007 10:27 AM PST

Britney and Justin: Back Together?

Did Justin break up with Cameron to clear the way for Brit? When you see a hard-partying mom fall to the floor drunk, do you say, "I gotta bring sexy back?" Well, in JT's case, the answer is no.

TMZ is told that Justin thinks Britney's recent behavior is just too toxic for his taste, and, says one music-industry source, "His career is going in a completely different direction – he doesn't need or want Britney around anymore." What's more, says another source, JT was hurt enough after the pair's breakup -- and Britney's subsequent marriage to K-Fed -- that chances of a reconciliation are slim.

Still, at least two important people wouldn't be averse to another go-round; Justin and Britney's mothers – both named Lynn – talk to each other "on a regular basis."

Tara Conner – I'm a Free Woman

TMZ has exclusively learned that Miss USA Tara Conner will be getting out of rehab on Sunday, and that Miss Universe officials are "licking their chops" because her imminent release will cause a "news frenzy."

We're also told that people who run the facility say she's back on track. Conner spent the last few weeks at a treatment center in Pennsylvania, after the Donald decided not to fire her for her wild, hard-partying antics and dalliances with multiple men, as TMZ first reported in December.

Since then, two of her fellow contestants in the pageant, Miss Nevada Katie Rees and Miss New Jersey Ashley Harder have been forced to turn in their crowns.

Lindsay Sick over Franco Rejection?

Did "Spider-Man" star James Franco push Lindsay Lohan over the edge and into rehab? According to Rush & Molloy, the freckled phenom was "trying to get [Franco's] attention" all night at a Golden Globes after-party at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. But Franco, who has a girlfriend, spurned her advances, and not long after, Lohan was reportedly found passed out in a hotel hallway.

Meanwhile, Lohan is doing "fine" in rehab, and she's watching screechy weirdos – the "American Idol" variety – to pass the time. She told OK! magazine over the phone that there's "nothing to worry about" and that while inside Wonderland, she was "laughing so hard" at Simon, Paula and the gang. Her mother Dina, meanwhile, tells People she couldn't be "more pleased and proud" of her rehabbing little girl.

Party Favors: Is Paris Fixing Her Droopy Left Eye Again? ... Tara Reid Is a Great Girl-Kisser ... Redford Demands Apology from Bush

You thought it was an affectation, Paris Hilton's seemingly ever-half-shut left upper eyelid. Not so, according to Page Six. Paris had to see a plastic surgeon to get some help with that ptosis-afflicted lid, which has been aggravated by Paris' insistence on wearing blue contacts over her brown eyes. Her rep, Elliott Mintz, denies the story ... Tara Reid has at least one useful talent in her thespian quiver, according to starlet Dominique Swain – her kissing ability. "She's got nice soft lips and we got along very well," says Swain in Steppin' Out magazine (via Rush & Molloy) ... On the first night of the Sundance Film Festival, Robert Redford – never one to hold back on political rhetoric – told festivalgoers that President Bush owed the country an apology for everything that's happened since 9/11.

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