AM & Mandy -- Moore Than Friends

1/31/2007 12:13 PM PST

AM & Mandy -- Moore Than Friends

Mandy Moore and DJ AM are heating up real fast.

Though the two have yet to confirm their relationship, they looked pretty darn couply on their way out of Boulevard 3 nightclub in Hollywood last night.

Just one week after TMZ obtained the first photos of the pair kissing in public at the Sundance Film Festival, Mandy and AM continued to show a little PDA, this time there was no tongue involved. Still, it was kinda cute. A giddy Moore was seen introducing AM to her "Because I Said So" co-star Lauren Graham before they took off together.

A couple from the other side of the image spectrum also hit Hollywood last night; porno goddess Jenna Jameson and ultimate fighting stud Tito Ortiz. After stopping to sign photos, Hollywood's badass love connection sucked face at the Arclight Cinemas. After deciding they didn't want to see anything -- what no "Dreamgirls" for Tito? -- the two split.