Britney Dumped by Isaac - Over the Phone

2/7/2007 9:23 AM PST

Britney Dumped by Isaac - Over the Phone

Look out, world – Britney's single again. And the guy who dumped her, Isaac Cohen, says she's been "a bit much" for his taste.

Britney got the bad news Sunday night, reports OK!, while she was in New York and Isaac was in L.A., -- over the phone. The pair had been together since mid-December, and Isaac was Britney's first boy since she split from Kevin Federline on November 7. According to a friend, Isaac has been "looking to get out" for some time, because it was "a bit much for him ... it was too much of a whirlwind."

And now, speculates the mag, Isaac will resume his utterly anonymous existence, "riding his dirt bike" and focusing on "his career." As for Britney, it's back into the fishbowl for another catch.

Jessica Snatches Role from Lindsay

The claws just got a little sharper in the Lindsay Lohan/Jessica Biel catfight. As TMZ told you first, Lindsay opted out of the plum role of Hester Worsley in "A Woman of No Importance" to focus on her rehab. And now, reports In Touch, Jessica Biel will be taking the role that Lindsay vacated; the move certainly won't quell the burgeoning catfight between the two starlets. You'll remember that last year, Lindsay's assistant quit Lindsay to go work for Jessica, which ignited a nasty scene at a New York party when Lindsay saw her ex-assistant with Biel. The film, which also stars Annette Bening and Sean Bean, will start filming this spring.

Reichen & Lance's Homewrecker Speaks Out

The guy who hooked up with Reichen Lehmkuhl at an Atlanta hotel -- and who broke up Reichen's relationship with Lance Bass -- tells Life & Style that he never meant for things to end so badly. "I honestly can't believe this has escalated to the point where they split up," says Davis Mallory who, like Lehmkuhl, is a reality show vet, having appeared in "The Real World: Denver." A mag insider says that after a Reichen book signing, Davis and Reichen met at Atlanta's Wet Bar, and then ended up in Reichen's hotel room. Bass read about the hookup on the Internet -- and that was that.

Xtina's X-Rated Sundays

Christina Aguilera and her husband Jordan Bratman have devised a novel way to get through those long, tough Sundays – no clothes. The singer tells Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show today that she and Bratman spend their Sundays "just with each other," so they "do everything naked. We cook naked." Aguilera has been quoted frequently about her seemingly blissful marriage, but she admits to Ellen that even after just a year, "You have to keep marriage alive, spice it up." Ellen provided a note of caution for the naked cooking – "Nothing with grease – that could splatter." To which Ms. Aguilera rather deftly replied, "Well, unless you want the grease."

Party Favors: Tila Tequila Dumps Jared Leto ... Mary Louise Parker Offers Graham Crackers to Smoke ... Wal-Mart Launches Movie Download Service

MySpace darling Tila Tequila has deleted Jared Leto as a friend, report Rush & Molloy. The Internet temptress, who claims to have had a relationship with Leto for several years, says she's done with the actor, though Leto has continually denied any relationship. ... "Weeds" star Mary Louise Parker tells Ben Widdicombe that she gets solicited, like her TV alter-ego, for drugs, but all she tends to have are graham crackers, which she suggests rolling and smoking for a fix. ... Wal-Mart continues its domination of every aspect of home and human existence, as it announced yesterday that it would start a movie-download service with more than 3,000 films from all the major studios.