Rosie on Anna Nicole: "LOOSE CHANGE"?

2/9/2007 1:40 PM PST

Rosie on Anna Nicole: "LOOSE CHANGE"?

After an eerie rant on yesterday's "The View" slamming Anna Nicole Smith, Rosie O'Donnell took to her blog today and characterized the starlet's death as ... loose change?

On, O'Donnell reprinted what appears to be the headlines taken from the Drudge Report, where coverage of Anna Nicole's death has been the top story since yesterday, and added a line of her own -- "LOOSE CHANGE." It's unclear whether O'Donnell was referring to Anna Nicole herself or -- more likely -- her own inclusion in the Drudge headlines.

Speaking of yesterday's "View" rant, Rosie, in a case of deeply unfortunate timing, declared her disdain for Anna Nicole and her suspicion of drug use by the former Playmate -- just hours before her death. Today's "View" was previously taped, so Ro won't have a chance to speak out again til Monday.

Through her rep, Rosie tells TMZ that the death of Anna Nicole is "unbearably tragic."