Britney Spears Lawyers Up

2/21/2007 7:20 PM PST

Britney Spears Lawyers Up

Britney Spears has lawyered up again -- this time, she met with the lawyer who represented Mel Gibson in his DUI case.

Sources say Spears -- wearing a blonde wig -- went this morning to meet with Blair Berk, a prominent criminal defense lawyer whose roster of clients includes Lindsay Lohan, Halle Berry, Tracy Morgan and others.

We do not know why Spears chose to meet with Berk, although it's unlikely it has anything to do with her divorce. In her divorce case, Spears is repped by disso-queen Laura Wasser.

Spears could have met with Berk on a civil matter, as Berk handles both civil and criminal matters. Interestingly, Berk once repped Reese Witherspoon in her battle with hard-driving paparazzi. It's possible Spears went to Berk for similar reasons.