Lindsay: I'm Not Afraid of Attention!

3/7/2007 2:57 PM PST

Lindsay: I'm Not Afraid of Attention!

Lindsay Lohan is no Jennifer Aniston -- and photogs couldn't be happier.

While Aniston worked overtime against the paparazzi last night, Lindsay Lohan was all smiles as TMZ's cameraman spotted her making an exit from Winston's. She even avoided hiding behind a jacket being held up to block her face, going right around her aloof friend before driving away. Thanks, hon!

Also out last night were Nick Lachey, who partied sans Vanessa Minnillo at Privilege, "X-Men" ruiner Brett Ratner, "Rock Star: Supernova" winner Lukas Rossi and trainwreck Mary Carey -- who told TMZ why she's scared of Britney Spears.

All this and more in today's mutant edition of Star Catcher.