Reynolds Wraps Up On His Bike

3/13/2007 12:40 PM PDT

Reynolds Wraps Up On His Bike

Ryan Reynolds has taken a page from Brad Pitt's playbook -- by attempting to raise his hotness factor by hopping on a sports bike ... like he needs the help!

TMZ spotted the ripped Reynolds sitting on his bike outside Barney's in Beverly Hills yesterday. Though he's been linked to Jessica Biel, his equally ripped "Blade: Trinity" co-star was nowhere in sight.

Later that evening, cameras caught Halle Berry making a quick dash into Il Sole, ignoring the sole autograph hunter's request as she blew past him. Michelle Rodriguez, who was killed off on "Lost," and Rodrigo Santoro, who everyone hopes will be next, were at dwindling celeb hotspot Hyde. Santoro, whose "300" broke box office records, stayed humble, telling photogs, "Don't waste your time, I'm not famous!" while Rodriguez kept up her bizarre behavior, crawling into her car through the trunk and jumping into the back seat.

Our New York cameras caught Kerry Washington, Kathy Hilton and Yoko Ono at the Women's Project 22nd Annual Women of Achievement Gala, where Mama Hilton was the honoree.