Boulevard Gets Trendy and Greasy

3/20/2007 12:19 PM PDT

Boulevard Gets Trendy and Greasy

Celebs-a-plenty turned up at BOULEVARD3 in Hollywood last night for the 2 B Free Fall 2007 Collection fashion show. What star was trendiest of them all? Why Bobby Trendy, of course, who looked like Elton John's Fairy Godmother in another of his glittery, lopsided, sparklingly craptastic creations.

When the former Anna Nicole sidekick realized he was chatting with TMZ, he immediately perked up. "Hi Harvey! Can you believe your pretty little eyes?" he cooed. Yes, he can.

Elisha Cuthbert met a swarm of fans as she made her way out, and didn't seem too happy to be signing autographs, becoming agitated when a photog bumped into her friend. She scolded the pap with, "You're not even gonna say 'sorry'?" Perhaps if she apologized for "House of Wax."

Also at BOULEVARD3: "Heroes" stars Hayden Panettiere and Zachary Quinto (with Rumer Willis?!), UFC star Tito Ortiz, "Entourage's" Rex Lee and Brandon "Greasy Bear" Davis.

It's a trendy, agitated, greasy edition of Star Catcher.