Naomi's Got a Brand New Bag

3/20/2007 6:40 PM PDT

Naomi's Got a Brand New Bag

Naomi Campbell made yet another model-icious exit from a Manhattan garage today, carting out something that she wasn't carrying when she arrived -- a leather bag that looks like she might not be able to pay for it if she cleaned toilets for a year.

What was in the bag? The deputy Sanitation chief said that Campbell actually changed clothes today, so that's our best guess.

Day Two of the Naomi Campbell Experience at the Department of Sanitation passed -- seemingly without a hitch. She had a sandwich for lunch, though its contents weren't specified. And it emerged that if she wanted to indulge her smoking habit, she could do so, though not within the building.

So far, no cell phones -- or brooms or dustpans -- have been thrown. TMZ will be there if it happens.