Ah-nold Is a Dough-Nut!

5/1/2007 1:34 PM PDT

Ah-nold Is a Dough-Nut!

California Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger has a soft spot -- or three -- for doughnuts!

TMZ has learned the former bodybuilder has fallen head over love handles for Frittelli's Gourmet Donuts in Beverly Hills, and comes in for his fill at least once a week! While the Boston Cream (with zero trans fats!) is a fave with most celebs, including Jennifer Garner and Justin Timberlake, Arnold regularly scarfs down the Decaf Macchiato and the green apple fritter. The new breakfast of champions!

Arnold's constituents will be happy to know that Frittelli's relies primarily on eco-friendly energy resources.

Even though Arnold's off the movies, his famous phrase resonates every time he leaves -- "I'll be back."