Release the Hounds! Jet Blue Gets Simpsoned

7/7/2007 9:00 AM PDT

Release the Hounds! Jet Blue Gets Simpsoned

In his latest jaunt into corporate tyranny, C. Montgomery Burns (owner of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant) has hijacked the blog of the CEO of Jet Blue and vows to "crush him like an ant." Gotta love a good corporate tie-in.

Burns -- who is writing on David Neeleman's "interwebular chronicle" -- feels that the head of Jet Blue runs his airline with "congenial customer service and overly indulgent amenities" -- certainly not the Monty Burns way. Rather, Burns says he believes that "customers have the right to keep quiet as I pluck every penny from their upturned pockets." D'oh!

But the Simpsons didn't stop with the CEO blog -- Homer and Co. have taken over the whole site! Jet Blue is the official airline of Springfield (which Springfield? Who knows!) and you can even get travel tips from Chief Wiggum.

What ever happened to collectible glasses?