Steve-O -- Still a Jackass

7/19/2007 1:16 PM PDT

Steve-O -- Still a Jackass

Steve-O rapped for the cameras, smoked (what looked like) a joint and offered photogs (what looked like) weed outside of a trendy West Hollywood hotspot last night. If it were anyone else, it might be shocking. But it's Steve-O.

The soon-to-be star of his own TV show, "Dr. Steve-O," was outside the Rainbow Bar and Grill puffing on (what looked like) a spliff, when he decided to give paps a taste of his song, "Paparazzi Beatin'," -- which is about beating up photogs who don't take his picture. Crave attention much?

Just to raise the "shock value" another notch, Steve-O then pulled out a bag of (what looked like) weed and offered the nearby lensmen (what looked like) a nugget.

A star who wants to have his picture taken and gives out (what looks like) free pot? A paparazzo's dream come true!