McCready 911 Tape -- "My Mom Is Attacking Me"

7/23/2007 8:54 PM PDT

McCready 911 Tape -- "My Mom Is Attacking Me"

Moments before she was arrested in Florida Saturday night, country singer Mindy McCready told a 911 dispatcher that her mother had "attacked" her, and "made marks on herself to make it look like [Mindy] hurt her." A baby can be heard screaming in the background during the entire conversation.

A short time after Mindy made the call, Lee County Sheriffs arrested the singer after they saw scratches on her mother's face and said that McCready's breath reeked of alcohol -- despite Mindy's recorded claim that neither she nor her mother had been drinking or doing any drugs that night.

According to the arrest report, McCready "struggled" when sheriffs arrived, and had to be restrained. During the confrontation, she hit her head on the ground, which caused the gash on her face in the mugshot.

McCready was then taken to jail, where deputies say she was so disruptive, they were forced to use pepper spray to control her. McCready claims the cops abused her, and told a news station that she plans to take legal action.