Was Lindsay Actually Driving the Car?

7/26/2007 9:38 AM PDT

Was Lindsay Actually Driving the Car?

Cops say that Lindsay Lohan was reeking of booze -- and had powder in her pocket -- when they arrested her on Tuesday for DUI, but was she actually driving the car she's accused of driving?

Her uncle, Chris Sullivan, tells the New York Post that she "may well not have been driving the car," and "hopefully the truth will come out." Sullivan calls Tarin Graham, Lindsay's former assistant embroiled in the incident, "a problem individual and Lindsay was trying to help her out," however, Sullivan offered no alternate explanation.

Meanwhile, former "Laguna Beach" star Jessica Smith -- herself a DUI chargee -- tells 24Sizzler.com that LiLo "deserves whatever punishment she gets," and that it would be "ridiculous" for Lohan to get special treatment. Speaking of treatment, Page Six conjures the curse of Cooperman -- Dori Cooperman, that is -- the New York socialite who's been conspicuously spotted partying with Tara Reid, Lizzie Grubman, and now Lindsay just before they got into various forms of trouble.

Paris Does Another Dog

Paris Hilton has plenty of dogs in her life -- and just got another one, reports People, when she snapped up a Chihuahua at Pets of Bel Air yesterday. The store is the same place where Britney Spears got her $3,000 Yorkie/hand accessory a couple weeks back. Lest we forget, Paris herself bought a Yorkie that she called Cinderella, and another Chihuahua, Tinkerbell, and used to have a kinkajou called Baby Luv, until she had to give it up.

Will Britney Spears Marry Michael Jackson?

If you believe in Brit, you can bet on Brit. Gambling website WagerWeb.com has seventeen different bets on what will happen to Britney Spears. The biggest payoffs include wagers on whether Britney will be "permanently moving out of the country" or "end up requesting asylum on Hollywood Squares."

Want better odds? You'll be safer putting your money down on Britney being arrested for DUI or coming out as a lesbian. Place your bets, y'all.

Party Favors: Oprah Five-Times Simon ... Jacko Plays at Air & Space, Avoids Depo

Not that you might've wondered, but Oprah Winfrey is the biggest earner in TV -- again -- pulling in an estimated $260 million a year, according to TV Guide. The next highest haul? Simon Cowell, with a relatively meager $45 million. ... Michael Jackson was supposed to be in L.A. last week for depositions, but was actually in Virginia doing some sightseeing, reports FOX News. He's being sued by his former manager.