Lawyer to Galanter -- Shut the F Up!

9/19/2007 1:06 PM PDT

Lawyer to Galanter -- Shut the F Up!

Attorney Scott Holper went ballistic after O.J.'s court hearing, saying this about Simpson's lawyer, Yale Galanter: "He thinks he's the big shot. Let's go over to Johnny Taco's gym and play."

Then he went on!

Galanter trashed Holper outside court, saying Holper falsely represented himself as Simpson's lawyer. Holper just told TMZ by phone, saying "I assisted OJ. He thanks me and said he appreciated my support and he told me as well as his daughter and sister that they wanted me on the defense team."

Holper says Galanter is not doing his job by "putting 100% of his efforts on his client rather than attacking another attorney who helped Mr. Simpson."

Holper took shots at Las Vegas lawyer Gabriel Grasso too, who is currently assisting Galanter -- "Mr. Grasso has a feeling he may be some kind of big shot. He made comments to people in the courthouse commenting on my competency and lack of experience to assist in a case of this nature."

Holper says, "I hope in the end OJ is acquitted. I believe after my meetings with Mr. Simpson I truly believe he is innocent."

Holper was interviewed by Julie Chen this morning on the CBS Early Show.