Britney -- Gimme More Rehab?

10/4/2007 9:23 AM PDT

Britney -- Gimme More Rehab?

Get those electric shears ready -- Britney Spears could be headed back to the Caribbean rehab facility where she infamously spent a whole 24 hours this March and then, of course, shed all her hair, if not her addictions.

OK! magazine is reporting that Spears is planning to head back to Crossroads Centre in Antigua over the weekend "in an attempt to get custody of her children." The facility, founded by Eric Clapton, has reportedly also treated Whitney Houston, another ex-train-wreck on the way back.

If she does end up going, she can't stay too long. As TMZ reported yesterday, Brit has to -- and we mean HAS to -- show up to court October 26 for another custody hearing.

Meanwhile, talked to the woman whose car Britney bashed in that hit-and-run, and she wants to be rid of the whole episode. "I thought, oh my God, am I now going to be blamed for taking Britney Spears' children away from her? That's nothing I want on my conscience," says Kim Robard-Rifkin.

Kid Says Pam Made Up Miscarriage

Kid Rock, apparently in no mood to move on from his relationship with ex-wife Pam Anderson, is bizarrely alleging that she concocted a story about a miscarriage because he ditched her to go to a Lakers game.

According to an interview in Rolling Stone (via People), Rock says that Pam was livid that he delayed a trip up to Vancouver, where she was filming, to take floor seats at a Laker game. Says Rock, "That leads into her saying, 'You don't care about me, blah blah blah' ... She finally comes up with this: 'I just had a miscarriage' ... and hangs the phone up."

But Rock's eyebrows were raised when he did get to Canada, where he says he spotted Pam "drinking champagne, jumping on the tables." Pam says Rock is "bitter ... It's sad to see. I don't want to battle with him."

Party Favors: Kellie Pickler Calls Out Ex-Boy On Stage ... Leno to go FOX-hunting after "Tonight"? ... Roddick's Fluid Motion

That sassy Kellie Pickler got on stage, says Us, and announced the end of her relationship to hockey star Jordin Tootoo, and then said her new theme song is fellow "Idol" blonde Carrie Underwood's "Before He Cheats." Hmmm. ... Could Jay Leno be headed to FOX to continue his late-night career after he leaves the "Tonight Show" in 2009? Cindy Adams seems to think so. ... So now we know how Andy Roddick can look like this. Roddick will be serving -- yes, serving -- as spokesguy and co-creator of Hypotonic Performance Sports Drink, a new energy drink from the people who brought you possibly the best bottled drink ever, that ginseng green tea with honey thing.