Chevy Not Ready to Roll Over T.I. ... Yet

10/15/2007 12:47 PM PDT

Chevy Not Ready to Roll Over T.I. ... Yet

Is T.I. done for at Chevy? Possibly.

When asked whether the company plans to renege on the legally embattled rapper's endorsement deal, a spokesperson for Chevrolet told TMZ, "They are reviewing the situation," whatever that means.

The rapper was brought in by the auto maker earlier this year to bring much-needed cred to its cars, particularly the new Impala. The heavily rotated ads, featuring such stars as Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Mary J. Blige were a huge hit, and the car company tooted its horn back in May, saying, "Chevy is a brand that represents a voice of American Revolution, and T.I. shares some of those same values."

How ya like me now?