New Video Shows Orlando Leaving Crash Scene

10/18/2007 12:03 PM PDT

New Video Shows Orlando Leaving Crash Scene

Orlando Bloom is being investigated for hit and run, and there is video clearly showing Bloom walking from the crash scene, leaving behind one of his passengers -- who suffered a fractured neck.

The video, shot by X17, shows paparazzi following Bloom, urging him to return, warning him that if he kept walking he could be prosecuted for hit and run. Bloom finally saw the light and returned to his car, the driver's door still wide open and steam coming out of the engine.

You see Bloom shaking an officer's hand -- btw, cops never gave him a blood-alcohol test.

The investigation into the crash -- where Bloom hit a parked Porsche and blamed the accident on an SUV he says cut him off -- is ongoing.

To watch the blow-by-blow of what went down at the crash scene, watch TMZ TV tonight.