Sean Penn Loses Trailer in Malibu Fire

10/23/2007 5:42 PM PDT

Sean Penn Loses Trailer in Malibu Fire

For the past three days, Malibu -- playground to the stars -- has been ablaze. TMZ cameras filmed Sean Penn's trailer, completely destroyed just hours after the fire began. It's not clear if the actor was in town on Sunday.

Dozens of celebrities were evacuated when the unpredictable fire got too close, including Olivia Newton-John's family, country music star Tanya Tucker's daughter and "Dancing With The Stars" contestant Jane Seymour.

Celebrity rehab Promises was also evacuated as a precautionary measure. Not so lucky was the LG Summer party house -- its deck completely collapsed when fire hit the property. Castle Kashan and its memorabilia, owned by socialite Lilly Lawrence, burned to the ground.

L.A. County Fire Department told TMZ that right now, there are no active fires in Malibu, but evacuations are still in effect due to ember activity. The winds have abated, but firefighters remain on full alert. 4,400 acres have burned in Malibu, with fire destroying the Presbyterian Church, six homes and one commercial building. There is not yet a final count on the number vehicles burned. Officials expect the fire to be fully contained in the next couple of days -- if the weather cooperates.