Britney's Mama - "This All Exploded in My Face"

11/7/2007 9:55 AM PST

Britney's Mama - "This All Exploded in My Face"

Britney Spears' mom is, at long last, taking some of the blame for her daughter's train wreck of a life.

"For everything that's gone wrong for Britney, I blame myself," says Lynne, to Life & Style (via Page Six). "I didn't raise my children to have Hollywood careers. This all just exploded in my face, and big dreams became big headaches."

Lynne, of course, is hard at work on "a parenting book that's going to have faith elements to it," says her publisher.

Rosie "Filming" for Mystery Network

Rosie O'Donnell all but confirmed that she's doing some kind of new TV project but, fearing "men in business suits," wouldn't say what, when, or how.

At the opening night of the New York Comedy Festival, reports People, Rosie-O told the audience that she's "filming for an unidentified TV station, which I was told that I was not allowed to mention." She was clearly itching to tell the crowd her plans, saying, "You don't tell me what I'm not allowed to say because then I can't help but say it."

What held her back? "Nothing is scarier than men in business suits screaming at you over the phone."

Clooney and Fabio: Pretty Boy Battle?

George Clooney and drugstore-novel-model Fabio nearly came to blows at an L.A. eatery the other night, according to In Touch.

At Madeo, Fabio's pals were taking snaps of each other, when Clooney asked them to stop, thinking that he was being photographed. When they didn't, and when Fabio called Clooney "a diva," George reportedly started a little shoving match that had to be split up by waiters.

Clooney's rep stayed away from commenting, but Fabio's manager told the glossy, "George is lucky he didn't end up in the ER."

Party Favors: Olsen Twins Have Nice Dumplings ... Russell Simmons Bridges Muslim-Jewish Gap ... Irv Gotti Advises 50 Cent to "Duck"

Yes, they eat (a little)! A TMZ spy spotted Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen recently at the latest incarnation of Rickshaw Dumpling Bar on 8th Street in New York, chowing on, well, okay, ONE order of Rickshaw's little veggie delights -- between the two of them. ... Russell Simmons and the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding will be hosting the first "national summit" for ethnic dialogue between the U.S. Muslim and Jewish communities tonight, at the New York Synagogue and Islamic Cultural Center in NYC. ... The bad blood runs thick between Irv Gotti and 50 Cent. Irv tells that the "white boys" on Fitty's album sound better than he does, but doesn't have particularly constructive criticism for him: "When it comes, duck. When it comes, run," says Gotti.