Bach to Hoff -- The Golf Cart's Mine, Putz!

1/28/2008 5:09 PM PST

Bach to Hoff -- The Golf Cart's Mine, Putz!

David Hasselhoff's ex and his lawyers are in divorce court right now, arguing over who gets to keep one of the family jewels ... their golf cart.

Pamela doesn't want to turn over the golf cart and a motorcycle to David. The Hoff isn't there, but his lawyer made it clear -- David wants the stuff back -- and stat!

Turns out, Pam signed a document during the divorce agreeing to turn over the items. So far the judge has ordered her to fork over the bike.

For her part, Pam tells us she feels she was treated "unfairly" and her rights have been violated. She was under the impression that today's hearing was about her prenuptial agreement with David, and not about her stuff.