"Suicide" 911 Call -- Heather Upset With Pills

3/11/2008 2:37 PM PDT

"Suicide" 911 Call -- Heather Upset With Pills

TMZ has learned an upset Heather Locklear spoke with her doctor and the doc was so concerned she might fatally OD he called 911.

As TMZ first reported, last Saturday night, Heather's doctor spoke with the actress by phone. Heather, who was at her home outside of L.A., had told him she was upset and the doctor believed she might OD on depression medication. The doctor then called 911 and the dispatcher sent paramedics and the fire department to Heather's home, describing it as a "suicide attempt."

When emergency responders arrived, they quickly determined Heather was in no danger and that the "suicide attempt" was an improper characterization. We're told they left after about 10 minutes. One source with the Ventura County Fire Department told us, "If there was a problem, we would have taken her with us."

People are mum as to why Locklear was upset and apparently taking depression medication. Her rep told us, "[I] spoke with Heather and she is fine. She never requested medical assistance."

TMZ's "Idol" Mole Keeps the Dirt Coming!

A TMZ spy (and apparent art school dropout) was able to peep the new the stage "Idol" is setting up for the Top 12 and it is a sight to be seen. So here's the sketch and a pic.

The band is located above the stage, towards the back, with a cityscape backdrop behind them. There are two spiral staircases located on each side of the stage that are connected by a walkway that goes over top of the stage. Each staircase has a landing area at the top with an LCD screen -- probably so Ryan can chat it up with the contestants with a Coke logo over his shoulder.

The judge's area is completely separate from the stage, leaving room for people to stand in front of the stage like at a concert. Our spy says it is all "way bigger" than any set-up "Idol" has used before.

And speaking of "Idol" judges -- we caught the loopiest of them all, Paula Abdul, outside Letterman last night. When asked about whether or not she knew who the mole was, it was made very clear that she isn't part of the lead search party.

Snake Rattled, But Rolls Out of Rehab

Former wrestling star Jake "The Snake" Roberts (DDT anyone?) is about to get out of rehab (for the third time), but it's the first time he got help from his former employers, the WWE.

After the death of Chris Benoit, the WWE set up a rehab program for current and former employees and Jake was one of the first to take them up on it. He told CYinterview.com, "Truth be known the first time I went to rehab and the second time I went to try to save a job. This time I truly went to save my life."

Apparently Jeff Hardy didn't get the rehab memo -- the WWE announced today that Hardy was suspended for 60 days for his second violation of the company's policy.

Anna Nicole to E!: You Screwed Me

The new E! show "Pop Fiction" sounds like a complete rip off of another pitch -- "Celebrities Strike Back." Oh, by the way -- it was pitched by Anna Nicole Smith more than three years ago and there could be a lawsuit.

"Pop Fiction," produced by Ashton Kutcher's Katalyst Television, debuted last night. It seems identical to a treatment obtained by TMZ that Anna Nicole registered with the Writers Guild in 2004. Now get this -- in 2004, Anna Nicole and Howard K. Stern met with Jeff Shore and Jay James, both programming execs for E!. They pitched the show and sent Shore the treatment.

We're also told Anna Nicole and Howard K. met with then E! Prez Ted Harbert in 2004 and also raised the show.

Ashton's show sounds like a carbon of Anna's treatment -- "...what happens if Anna Nicole Smith and other celebrities turn the tables and capitalize off of the overzealous media? What if the next big supposed scandal is not a scandal at all? What if everything is staged, but the media (and the public) don't know it?" It continues, Anna Nicole and other celebrity guests take aim at the media and push all the limits."

That's Ashton Kutcher's show and we're told Howard K. has already threatened suit. What is really pissing him off is that he and Anna had multiple meetings with E!. Two months ago, Stern spoke with E! again on behalf of the estate and the network seemed intrigued by making Larry Birkhead the celeb to do the first prank and then host the show. Ultimately Jay James said it just wouldn't work. Oh really?

A rep for E! could not be reached for comment.

Has Latifah Seen Jenny Lately?

Queen Latifah is the new face of Jenny Craig -- but is she actually shedding any pounds or should she still be pushing Pizza Hut?

TMZ caught her at the Green Door last night, where it was hard to tell if she was sticking to the diet. But remember -- her campaign focuses less on losing weight and more on "living a healthier lifestyle."

Mary Ann from "Gilligan's Island": 'Memba Her?!

Dawn Wells became famous for playing Mary Ann on the '60s hit TV series, "Gilligan's Island." Guess what she looks like now!