Paris -- I Am SO a Role Model for Girls!

3/28/2008 8:35 AM PDT

Paris -- I Am SO a Role Model for Girls!

Never mind the sex tape, the arrest, the jail time, and the incessant boy-hopping: Paris Hilton is sure that she's a role model for little girls.

Hiltie talked the turkey in Turkey, where she judged a beauty contest. "I work very hard and I've built this empire on my own," she tells Reuters. "I think this is an inspiration for a lot of girls out there."

As for what she was looking for in the beauty contestants, she said, "I'm going to look at how the girls carry themselves, what they look like, the way they dress and what they say." Words to live by.

Spencer and Heidi – Not Stayin' in Vegas?

Put down your cereal spoon: Spencer and Heidi are on the outs, so much so that they stayed in different hotels over the weekend in Vegas!

"Yes it is true," a rep tells People. "They are working on their relationship ... They were there filming 'The Hills.'" On the show, they were shown having a spat at Dos Caminos, and it didn't stop once the cameras did. Also, Spence "kept clear" of Heidi, doing martial arts and dining with his sister, while Heidi hung out with her "Hills" boss, Brent Bolthouse.

Party Favors: Snapple is the New Rehab ... Teller Blows $5K on Penn ... Upstairs Boys Give Birth to Downstairs

It's not just iced tea anymore, and despite what TMZ discovered, definitely not about that Wendy either: We hear that Lindsay Lohan, one of the world's most diligent self-hydrators, is guzzling Snapple's Antioxidant Water to help keep herself on the wagon. ... Penn Jillette's silent magic partner Teller says he lost $5,000 that he had bet on Penn to win "Dancing with the Stars." The more interesting thing: He actually talked to the AP. ... The guys who brought New York the mysterious celeb-boite Upstairs are taking things Downstairs literally. Matthew Isaacs, Jordan Harris, and Danny A are on the verge of opening Downstairs Diner below Upstairs, which will help feed the hungry celeb masses. If they actually get hungry.