Election in TMZ's Hands - Everyone Stay Calm

8/18/2008 10:16 AM PDT

Election in TMZ's Hands - Everyone Stay Calm

John McCain is a thief, shamelessly stealing from the TMZ playbook to get elected. This according to a little thing called TIME magazine.

Columnist James Poniewozik ridicules McCain for "running a TMZ campaign," saying McCain's tactics are akin to TMZ publishing "DUI write-ups and nipple slips." Bum rap, we think. Click here for nip slips and mugshot galleries.

Poniewozik claims the ad showing Obama with a zillion flash bulbs going off is a cheap shot: "Like a snarky blog, the McCain campaign argues that Mr. Thinks He's All That is overexposed." The dude says McCain's ad "implies that Obama is an empty suit, a D lister," framing him like TMZ and others "frame celebrities like [Britney] Spears by appealing to a mix of fascination and resentment."

For the record, we have not come to bury Britney, we have come to praise her.