Another Homeboy Tries to Save Homeless Ed

9/9/2008 8:50 PM PDT

Another Homeboy Tries to Save Homeless Ed

Ed "Broker than a Joker" McMahon might not be homeless after all -- despite the fact that he owes cash to just about everyone on the planet.

A guy named Robert Lee (not the Civil War dude) is the newest person claiming to be Ed's knight in shining armor. Lee runs a company looking to buy out the current loan on McMahon's Beverly Hills mansion from Countrywide Financial. Lee says he will then offer Ed a new payment plan, thus preventing a foreclosure and a consequential eviction. Lee already saved boxing champ turned broke-ass chump Evander Holyfield from a similar predicament.

The catch -- Countrywide wants to auction off Ed's place next month, and they haven't accepted Lee's offer yet. So the race for Ed's place is on like Donkey Kong hittin' the bong!

Stay tuned ...