Nickelodeon: If Chris Brown Wins, Blame Kids

3/9/2009 8:00 AM PDT

Nickelodeon: If Chris Brown Wins, Blame Kids

Everyone's wondering why in the world accused woman beater Chris Brown is still up for two Kids' Choice Awards. We finally have an answer -- Nickelodeon is blaming the kids.

Instead of being responsible adults and taking a stance, Nickelodeon, which airs the award show at the end of the month, is hiding behind their tiny voters. A Nick exec tells TMZ Brown "was nominated by kids several months ago, and the kids who vote will ultimately decide who wins in the category."

In other words -- kids rule! Who needs adults stepping in to teach young minds why Mr. Brown might not be the best role model?

Remember, kids also want cake for breakfast, unlimited allowance and the keys to Dad's new Porsche.