Rachel Uchitel Rocks Octomom's Cradle

10/8/2010 6:55 PM PDT

Rachel Uchitel Rocks Octomom's Cradle

Rachel Uchitel is doing charity work ... babysitting an Octomom kiddie.

It had to happen.  Rachel and Octo were at the same NBC studio in Stamford, Connecticut this afternoon.  Rachel was shooting a talk show pilot.  Octo was there for an interview.

The two women -- both famous for warehousing foreign objects -- found themselves together in the green room.  Octo was called onto her stage, but there was an issue -- who would watch Elijah?  Rachel happily volunteered, telling TMZ, "I feel so much compassion for this poor woman.  She's trying so hard.  She deserves a break."

Rachel added, "By the way, she has the best body."