Extremely Wealthy Dog Dies

6/9/2011 5:45 AM PDT

Leona Helmsley's Dog Trouble Dies, Dead, Extremely Wealthy

You ain't got Trouble no more, because Trouble -- one of the Richest dogs in the world -- is dead at 12.

Leona Helmsley's famous dog inherited $12 million when the Queen of Mean died in 2007.  Although a judge slashed that amount to $2 million, which was placed in a trust, that was enough to provide the pooch with $8,000 a year for grooming, $1,200 for food and a full-time security guard -- something that became necessary after Trouble received dozens of death threats.

According to the New York Daily News, what remains in the trust will now go to the charitable trust Leona and her hubby left behind.  Turns out the dog's death was a secret for months -- she died in December, 2010.

Leona loved the dog more than many of her own flesh and blood. She cut several grandchildren out of her will entirely.

BTW, the doggie was cremated.