TMZ Live Did Dr. Murray Try to Cover Up Evidence?

9/28/2011 2:10 PM PDT

TMZ Live: Dr. Conrad Murray Manslaughter Trial -- MJ's Assistant Testifies

Michael Jackson's assistant testifies Dr. Conrad Murray wanted to return to the scene of MJ's death to remove a mysterious "cream" -- but hold on ... Harvey thinks there's reason to beleive Murray did NOT try to cover up important evidence.

Plus, Lou Ferrigno calls in and says MJ was in "great shape" just weeks before his death. Jason and Harvey think he would be a DYNAMITE witness for the defense.

And, Tyrese Gibson refuses to back down over the liquor store issue that got him tossed out of a radio station ... he joins us to state his case.

(0:50) Major witness hit the stand today -- MJ's assistant Michael Emir Williams ... the guy Murray called BEFORE dialing 911.
(2:00) Williams claims Murray wanted to return to the scene of MJ's death to remove a "cream" that MJ wouldn't want "the world" to know about.
(4:40) Harvey thinks there's evidence Murray was NOT involved in a cover up.
(11:10) Lou Ferrigno is on the phone -- and describes Michael Jackson's physical state just weeks before his death.
(12:00) Lou said something weird was going on with MJ -- and he thinks it had to do with the stress of the concert tour.
(32:00) Was Murray corrupted by money ... or MJ's fame?
(34:30) Tyrese Gibson calls in to explain why he was THROWN OUT of a radio interview.
(42:00) Arnold & Maria -- seeking out photographers?