Dr. Conrad Murray Defense Calls MJ Doctor It Could Backfire Bigtime

10/19/2011 12:40 AM PDT

Dr. Murray's Lawyers to Call MJ Doctor -- And It Could Backfire Bigtime

Dr. Conrad Murray's lawyers will call one of Michael Jackson's doctors to the stand, and our sources say it could blow up in their faces.

Dr. David Adams -- a Las Vegas anesthesiologist -- treated MJ on 4 occasions, administering Propofol during dental procedures. 

Dr. Murray told cops during his LAPD interview that Dr. Adams was one of the docs who gave MJ Propofol just to sleep ... once putting the singer under for 5 or 6 hours while Murray says he was present.

Murray also told cops MJ had asked Adams to be his doctor during the "This is It" tour, and Adams wanted between $1.2 and $1.3 million.

We're told the defense will call Dr. Adams to the stand -- possibly as early as today -- to establish that MJ was a hard-core Propofol user and that other doctors, including Adams, were fueling his addiction.

But here's what we know.  Sources connected to Dr. Adams tell TMZ ... Adams will make it clear -- he NEVER put Michael under just to help him sleep, although Adams will say he did administer Propofol for legitimate dental procedures.

But even more important ... Adams wants to tell the jury he strongly believes Michael became a victim to Murray's financial greed.  Adams will say Murray actually negotiated with him and cut him out of the tour so Murray would be the sole beneficiary of Michael's medical budget.