TMZ's Annual Celeb Snapshots Contest!

1/9/2012 4:35 AM PST

TMZ's Annual Celeb Snapshots Contest!

You know you have it ... that AWESOME shot of you posed up with a famous person ... like the two you have been BFFs for life ... even though they couldn't care less about you.

Now, it's time to finally capitalize on your brush with fame ... in TMZ's CELEB SNAPSHOT CONTEST!

Email your name, phone number, and BEST celebrity encounter photo to with the subject line "TMZ's Celeb Snapshot Contest Photo Submission" ... and you could score the INCREDIBLE GRAND PRIZE -- a Hollywood vacation, complete with dinner at Boa Steakhouse and a trip on the TMZ tour!

Check out some of the submissions we've already received so far! 

To view the contest rules and regulations CLICK HERE.