TMZ Live Octomom Takes Topless Pics But Still WON'T Do Porn

3/27/2012 11:30 AM PDT

TMZ Live: Octomom -- Topless Photos Are Fine, But I'm Still NOT Doing Porn

OctoMom 'fessed up ... she posed topless out of pure desperation. Nadya Suleman joined us today to say she needed the $10k for bills -- and added she's PROUD of the nudish shots. By the way, Octo's shocked the pics saw the light of day in America ... you gotta hear her explanation.

Plus, Alicia Silverstone feeding her baby like a bird! Is premastication (that's what it's called) healthy? Also, Kim Kardashian's little sis ... Kendall Jenner tweets a bikini-clad photo which leads to a very, uh ... strange phone call.

(0:45) Brace yourselves ... Octomom posed nude to pay the bills ... and we have the photos.
(1:20) Octomom is on the phone ... does she regret not doing the $1 mil porn offer?
(7:40) Alicia Silverstone feeds her kid like a bird ... nobody thinks this is a good idea.
(11:00) Jessica Simpson -- the move pregnant lady ever?
(12:50) Justin Bieber tweets his partial phone number ... and all hell breaks lose ... we talk to one of the regular Joes affected by it.
(20:01) Whitney Houston's death room ... closed.
(21:01) Breaking news ... Bieber is having second thoughts about buying a home in Calabassas.
(27:01) Christie Brinkley grilled about her nasty breakup on "Today" ... was Matt Lauer out of line?
(33:01) Kendall Jenner -- too young to Tweet bikini pics? One super creepy caller doesn't think so.